The 3 Trends of Christmas

Gone are the days when all was required to decorate our homes at Christmas was a string of tinsel from Woolworths (RIP) and some oven dried orange segments: luckily we now have a plethora of options available to us when it comes to our festive decor. And what a gorgeous bunch of options they are!

I for one am delighted that we have so many amazing bits and bobs available to us for seasonal decorating. I know I’m not alone when I say the lack of shedding tinsel definitely makes my house a happier place to be during this period. I do miss it for the nostalgia factor, though; a mere whiff of tinsel (and it definitely has its own smell!) takes me right back to being forced to wear it on my head for middle school plays.

This Christmas season my friends at Homesense asked me to visit them to pick some of my favourite products. I accepted with glee (I don’t need an excuse to peruse home wear…) and am excited to bring to you the top three Christmas trends I found this year.

As a bonus, Homesense are working with The Prince’s Trust this year, a charity that takes huge steps to help young people get into work. You can purchase one of their special edition baubles from Homesense stores for £3.99, with £1.70 being donated to The Prince’s Trust. Happy shopping!

A Bit of Bling


Source: The Decor Fix

Weave some magic and sparkle into your Christmas decorating scheme with a touch of BLING! This occasion is the perfect excuse to bring out the shimmer and metallics: whether gold or silver (or any other colour) is your bag, now is the time to shine.

Christmas trends

Christmas trends

If you’re lucky enough to have a mantlepiece, this is a great place to dress with your Christmas wares. Think decorative glass vases of baubles, displays of gold or silver glassware, mini Christmas trees. Or if you don’t have a mantlepiece, look for any other surface: tables, sideboards, side tables. ANYWHERE is primed to be blinged.

I’m really feeling these gold candelabras – very Beauty and the Beast – as well as these elegant gold deer statuettes. Or how about gold goblets? I mean, how decadent can you get? There’s literally no other way to feel more Henry VIII at Christmas.

Christmas trends Christmas trends

And don’t try to tell me you don’t need a gold sequinned reindeer this Christmas. Everyone needs a freaking  gold sequinned reindeer: yours from HomeSense, only £99.

The Wooden Way

Perhaps the absolute antithesis to Christmas bling, the more natural wood trend is something I’m loving right now. More understated and natural, it’s a great way to bring a little warmth to your festive celebrations.

Christmas trends

Source: The Room Edit

At Homesense you’ll find a ton of well-priced wooden Christmas accessories that’ll go really far to tone down and warm up your decorations (your sequinned reindeer will help you).

Christmas trends Christmas trends Christmas trends

My absolute favourite are these lovely wooden box candle holders with star shaped cutouts: they’d look gorgeous on any Christmas table. Or how about one of many wooden Christmas trees? They put my bright red plastic trees of yore (they were trendy once…) to shame.

The Nutcracker

Christmas trends

Source: Martha Stewart

The Nutcracker is arguably the ONLY ballet to see at Christmas time. I went on multiple school trips to the Birmingham Rep to see it, my parents went to see it only this past weekend. It’s awesome!

So why not bring some Nutcracker home with you?

Christmas trends Christmas trends

I love the classic look of this trend – the deep reds, the majestic golds, the story behind the toy soldiers. Extending out to the jolly olde worlde Father Christmas crackers Homesense have on-sale at the moment, this is a really understated way to decorate your home at Christmas time.

Do you have a theme at Christmas? I’d love for you to share your ideas!

Thanks to Homesense for working with MTT. 

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  1. I saw those golden sparkly dudes in Homesense the other day, they are awesome! I’d like them guarding my bedroom.

    Posted 12.1.16 Reply
  2. Homesense looks so good! Wish there was one near us. Our theme is usually ‘artfully mismatched’ (Totally a deliberate thing!)

    Posted 12.1.16 Reply
  3. Erm I love the gold sequinned reindeer! On a budget and a slightly less house-filling size I had 2 of my children decorate polystyrene animals from hobby craft last year, potentially less stylish to have a neon pink glittery owl and red, green and blue penguin (also with glitter, obviously!) sitting on your mantelpiece but the children loved doing it and it does check the chinz factor box pretty nicely!

    Posted 12.2.16 Reply
  4. lori wrote:

    Ooh i popped into homesense the other day with my mum to get everything for a new themed christmas table …yes i am that person! Sooo many nice things x

    Posted 12.2.16 Reply
  5. I’m all about the bling at Christmas – can’t beat it!

    Posted 12.2.16 Reply
  6. I’m so torn this year – we’re doing Christmas dinner at ours and I can’t decide how to style the table! Too many options. Think I’m liking the nutcracker…

    Posted 12.2.16 Reply
  7. Alison wrote:

    If sparkly gold reindeers at Christmas are wrong THEN I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT!

    Posted 12.3.16 Reply
  8. Kathryn wrote:

    Hilariously, I have to admit to combining all of these trends into our Christmas decorations. We have a lot of gold and silver (including tinsel – how retro) but I can’t resist a bit of nordic wooden stuff and I also have a dubious collection of Nutcracker dolls. Clearly I am the incarnation of Homesense! xx

    Posted 12.4.16 Reply
  9. Kelsey wrote:

    I have to say I still go down the retro route and pop a bit on tinsel on the tree. That smell is just Christmas!


    Posted 12.5.16 Reply