Christmas Elf(ie)

This post originally appeared in my old blog,

I’m not putting the whole photo on here as my Mum is using the image for her Christmas cards this year (and would be mortified it had been ‘leaked’ on the internet). I’m sure no recipients of Grannie JT’s cards will be reading, but you can never be too careful.

Today Elfie and I had a little photo shoot:

The amazing outfit was bought by Grannie as a tribute to my all-time favourite Christmas movie (Elf), and it’s this that prompted my brother’s nickname for Elfie – Buddy.


Sleep update: I seriously can’t fathom how Elfie is getting by on such a small amount of sleep, as I’m certainly finding it a challenge. I can’t spend every day ordering Domino’s in my pyjamas so it really needs to get better soon.

Daddy is home tomorrow from a work trip to London, I’m sure he will need some time to get re-acquainted with his darling daughter, and I will need time to get re-acquainted with the insides of my eyelids. Zzzzzz.

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