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Chalet Hotel L’Ecrin Review

When I started considering a ski holiday en famille (cos that’s how they say it in the Alps, innit), I considered our accommodation carefully. Basically, up in the mountains you have a few options: a self-catered apartment, a staffed chalet…

Mark Warner Lakitira

This week I am fulfilling every single January stereotype. Cold? Yep. A bit miserable? Indeed. Whining about it on the internet? WHOLEHEARTEDLY! I’ve been jealous of those lucky holidaymakers with few January responsibilities and loads of cash – is it…

Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review

Airport hotels are a necessary evil. Much like visiting the dentist, getting a bikini wax or spending 50 quid on a pair of school shoes that will shortly be scuffed to buggery, splashing out on a hotel that you need for the sole purpose of being close to the airport is not The One. We love Bloc hotel, though!