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Single Parent Dating: The Reality

For all single parents, there comes a time in their newly re-discovered single lives when they start to crave something a little more than their friendships. Having exhausted most of your pals’ free time, (“can’t we just have a quiet night in with Netflix, Alice?”) they start to get itchy feet, yearning to discover some new and interesting members of the opposite sex.

Me Too: My Sexual Harassment Stories

We’ve all heard the Harvey Weinstein allegations by now, the sickening claims that women in Hollywood have made towards the influential Producer, who by all accounts seems to be a Trump-level power-hungry perv. I’ve been absolutely horrified by the stories…

The Trouble With Ghosting

In the world of modern dating, you’re very lucky if you don’t encounter at least a certain amount of douchebaggery (technical term) at one point or another. I’ve had my fair share of weirdos and oddballs: the controlling men, the…