The back-up plan podcast, emily clarkson

The Back-Up Plan Podcast, Episode Four: Emily Clarkson

First impressions of someone you follow online can be weird. I find it’s often split into two camps: you think, yep, you’re the exact same person I see on my phone every day, which I always think is quite a comforting realisation. Or you’re baffled at the difference between the on-screen personality and their real-life counterpart. 

International Women's Day

An Ode To My Daughter, Elfie

Today on International Women’s Day, this day of celebrating women, I’ve decided to think about the one female who is most important to me… my beautiful daughter.

feminist bikini wax

Feminists Get Bikini Waxes, Too

I never leave the salon feeling like like I’ve caved to some patriarchal ideal of beauty. Choice, outspokenness and acceptance is what the fourth wave of feminism is all about: however much hair is in your pants.

the division of labour

“You Should Have Asked”: The Division of Labour

No matter how progressive our cause of feminism is, there’s still a huge disparity between who takes on the majority of project management jobs at home. And I don’t mean the crappy day-to-day stuff that is easily taken care of, like the bins or the washing up, but I mean the brain power-intensive, management-heavy life admin tasks… and it doesn’t feel good.