Easy Ways To Save The World

The world is in dire straits right now.No matter which way you look at it, our planet is struggling under the weight of humans: between single-use plastic waste, global warming, carbon emissions and over-population, there are serious changes that need to be made, and quick. It’s that serious that Elfie’s class at school has their own Eco representative (it is, of course, her).

Thursday Yoga at Whole Foods

Come To Thursday Yoga at Whole Foods!

QUESTION: What are you doing on Thursday at 6.30pm? 

ANSWER: You’re doing Yoga with me, followed by a Breville BlendActive masterclass, at Whole Foods Kensington! 

Christmas together

Christmas Together

I’m one of those people who rolls their eyes at Christmas decorations appearing before Halloween…

Elderflower Madelines

Elderflower Madelines

I have to say I was dubious of these Elderflower Madelines at first, normally eschewing any kind of flower in my food (wtf is it with sticking overpowering Rose or Lavender in my ice cream? Stop it!). But I was SO surprised with just how subtle and light the taste of Elderflower is in these cakes – delicious!