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Life Admin: Pharmacy2U

When Elfie was diagnosed with a chronic health condition, one thing that struck me was how much sheer admin is involved: we spend so much time ping-ponging between GPs, Consultants, clinics and pharmacies that you need to possess the diary management skills of an Executive-level PA to keep up with it all.

We Need To Talk About Our Vaginas

At the end of the event a gynae cancer survivor spoke about her experiences. She ignored her bleeding and pain far longer than she should have, she said, and she ended up having to have her entire vagina removed. “Because of my embarrassment”, she said, “I no longer have a vagina. Don’t let that happen to you”. 

Habit Stacking: Making Time For Fitness

It’s often said that one of the most important parts of overcoming  obstacles in your life is addressing the issue. Once you speak it out loud – begin to confront it – then it shrinks in size and stops looming over you. Here’s how habit stacking can help you get a leg-up on issues.

Goal Setting To Own My Fears

If there’s one change I’ve noticed in myself over the last few years it’s that I’ve suddenly become a huge fan of self-improvement. I don’t know this is because of the single mum experience, the feminist experience or simply just…

What The Jeff Is Self-Care?

The word ‘self-care’ must be the Hygge of 2018. As once we threw faux rugs, fairy lights and massive cushions around our homes with abandon, now we’re having candle-lit baths, drinking more water and learning how to meditate. If you’re…