how to get a summer glow

How To Get a Summer Glow (Without a Smidgen of Sun)

Holiday sun tans are, for me, like hair cuts. It’s highly frustrating to return from having a chop and not get your new ‘do noticed by a friend or colleague, and it’s similarly annoying if nobody clocks your post-holiday glow after you’ve been away.

double cleanse olay

The Best (and Quickest!) Way To Double Cleanse

As a faithful subscriber to the Caroline Hirons School of Skincare I religiously use two flannels a day to wash my face: double cleansing as directed by Mrs Hirons. But at our favourite summer holiday spot, Mark Warner Levante, there are no flannels. I KNOW, RIGHT?! How would I possibly cope without…

Gradual 1 Minute Tan Pre Shower Mousse

St Tropez Gradual 1 Minute Tan Pre Shower Mousse Review

I am pale. Not a fun English-rose kind of pale either, but the kind of pale that, when untanned, leaves friends asking if I’m ill. Which is why, for as long as I can remember (15? 16?), I have used tanning products. And this one, that promises a quick tan with no streaks or orange bedsheets, promises to be revolutionary.