Dizziak bottle

Work That Works: Loretta De Feo, Dizziak

Loretta’s story is an incredible example of hard work and perseverance paying off after her first product, a hair conditioner, was launched in Liberty of London’s iconic window. Read on to find out how.

keratin blow dry

A Blow-Dry Changed My Life

Like many women now in their 30s, I spent much of my early teenage years trying to achieve sleek, straight hair. And, as one whose hair can be described kindly as ‘Monica in a humid environment’ on a good day, that was no mean feat.
I think now – 16 years later – I may have found the answer.

Dealing With Hair Loss

Dealing With Hair Loss: My Experience

Despite knowing it could be part and parcel of child-bearing, hair loss was just never on my radar. I really wasn’t prepared for mine to start falling out in massive chunks, that’s for sure.

Ena Salon Review, London

It’s no secret that I’m a bit vain. Annoying, as vanity is one thing that…