This Year’s Christmas Cards by Rosemood

The problem with the world being so analog is the fact that, well, the world is so analog. Intangible. Online.

Love, thoughts and best wishes are sent through a series of 1’s and 0’s instead of with paper and pen, and to be frank I find that quite sad and sometimes impersonal.

Which is why, this season, we’ve bought Christmas cards by Rosemood.

Now, I’m not traditionally a Christmas card kind of person. I’m all for sending the best of the seasons greetings but to be honest come 22nd December I’m kind of sick of glittery robins and nativity scenes. And we aren’t a religious family: goodness knows we enjoy the food and gift-giving portion of the celebration but sometimes it feels a little disingenuous to get involved in the more Godly aspects of the period.

That doesn’t mean we don’t want to take advantage as December as a period to let everyone we love know that we’re thinking of them. And so, as a person who loves perhaps only salted caramel ice cream as much as she loves fresh starts and new beginnings, this year we’re sending Happy New Year cards instead of the more traditional Christmas greeting card.

cards by rosemood

When I was approached to create these cards by Rosemood Atelier, I jumped at the chance. A step above your ordinary custom card creator, Rosemood are a young French company with an ethos of beautiful products and happy customers at their core. Created by three friends with a need to have cards of an excellent quality to announce their newborns, cards by Rosemood are designed and honed to spread joy and loveliness – perfect for the sentiment I want to spread this Christmas season.

I’m no designer, but the thing I loved about my cards by Rosemood was how modern and stylish all their templates are. Bucking standard Christmas card tradition in all ways, I chose gold-foil New Year cards with room for three photographs along the top and a personalised message on the back.

Christmas cards by Rosemood

I chose two of my favourite photos of Elfie and Hux as well as one of all three of us together, selected a heavy textured card stock, wrote my custom message for the back and proofed my design.

24 hours after sending it to the team at Rosemood I received a notification to say my images had been edited slightly to make sure the print quality was the best it could be (proofreading and re-touching is included with every order): I gave it the OK and my order was processed immediately.

I was so very excited to receive our cards on a particularly grey and boring November day last week. Beautifully packaged with envelopes included as standard, I was almost sad that I’d have to send these mini gold-foiled pieces of art out into the world. So keep a couple I will; in years to come they will be such wonderful reminders of our family in 2018, and I hope the lucky recipients of our New Year wishes will feel the same!

cards by rosemood

You can get all kinds of cards by Rosemood. Not only do they do the most gorgeous of Christmas and Holiday season mementos, but beautiful custom stationary and all kinds of wedding invitations, too. I’d also highly recommend you pay them a visit for photobooks – the best magazine-style photo albums I’ve ever come across – as well as Christening or baby cards.

Rosemood worked with More Than Toast to produce these beautiful cards and I have been genuinely impressed with how lovely they are. I’ll definitely be back after the new year when I need to order my wedding stationary!

You can visit Rosemood at

Huge thank-yous to Rosemood for working with MTT. 

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  1. Aww they are beautiful! What cute cards x

    Posted 11.22.18 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      They are so gorgeous! x

      Posted 11.22.18 Reply
  2. Lauren wrote:

    These are gorgeous! A lot less ‘in your face’ than many personalised photo cards I get sent!

    Posted 11.22.18 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      There are some that are REALLY in your face, aren’t there?!

      Posted 11.22.18 Reply
  3. Donna wrote:

    Those pictures of you are so beautiful. I bet your friends and family will love these cards and the sentiment behind them x

    Posted 11.22.18 Reply
  4. Sarah wrote:

    They are so lovely. We’ve never had photo cards before but I’d definitely be tempted by something like this.

    Posted 11.23.18 Reply