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Can You Be Self-sufficient?

Can You Be Self-sufficient?

Have you ever dreamed of being self-sufficient? It’s a pretty common desire to live off the land and not have to slave away for the man. Of course, for many people, the fantasy is better than how they imagine the reality might be. It’s not easy to survive without much help from the outside world, and it’s difficult to be truly self-sufficient. You’re likely to lean on society and the world around you in some way. However, although you might not create a full-fledged homestead, you can still become more self-sufficient in a number of different ways. By making some changes to your lifestyle, you could reduce your reliance on outside resources.

Grow Your Own Food

When thinking about becoming self-sufficient, the first thing many people will do is consider how they can grow and create their own food. There are lots of ways you might be able to do this, especially if you have a little space available. You could begin with small things, such as baking your own bread or growing some herbs in your kitchen. If you have a small plot of land or even just some space indoors, you could grow fruits and vegetables. To be even more self-sufficient, you should think about how to preserve the things that you grow and how to make everything go further.

Raise Animals

If you’re ready to step things up to another level, raising animals is another way you could be self-sufficient. This is something that you definitely need some outdoor space for, but it could be possible to rent some land close to your home. When it comes to raising animals, most people start with chickens. They can give you daily eggs – and eventually could turn into dinner too. You can get everything that you need online from sites like Caring for chickens is fairly straightforward, and you could even consider getting rescue chickens. But be careful – once you get a few, you can quickly start to adopt more.

Harvest Your Own Power

Energy is one thing that you usually need to get from an energy supplier. However, if you’re thinking about how to be more self-sufficient, you might want to consider how you can start generating your own power. Some options that are available include solar power and other renewable energy sources. Not only do these help you to be more self-sufficient, but they can also help you to make your home more eco-friendly. Of course, there’s also the option of having a generator so that you don’t have to be hooked up to a main source of power. However, this will still require fuel to keep it running.


Learning how to make things and carry out DIY around your home can make you a lot less reliant on other people. With a few skills in your pocket, you can knock up whatever instead of having to buy it or get a contractor to help you. There are all sorts of things you can DIY, from home improvements to clothes. When you can make it yourself, you might be able to save money, and you can make sure that what you make is good quality. There are plenty of resources out there that can teach you the skills that you need.

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Make Do and Mend

As well as making and building things from scratch, you can also be more self-sufficient by learning how to fix things. When you can repair things that have broken, you can save money, and you can avoid replacing things that might not need to be replaced. It will help you to be more self-sufficient, and it will mean that you’re able to be less wasteful too. Some handy tools and a sewing kit are just two of the things that can be useful to have so that you can mend anything that breaks.

Work from Home

Starting a home business can be a great way to be more self-sufficient. You’re in charge of your work hours and what you earn, whether you decide to be a virtual assistant or to open an Etsy store. There are various ways you can work from home, whether you’re self-employed or you have an employer who lets you work remotely. It allows you to be more in control and can give you more time to do other things that help you to stay self-sufficient.

While you might not be able to be totally self-sufficient, there are different ways you can experiment with self-sufficiency and change your lifestyle.

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