Building My Boudoir

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You know that episode of Sex And The City when Miranda buys gorgeous new bedding in a bid to change her ‘bed karma?’:

I’m trying to change my bed karma. I figure if I can make my bed a place I really want to be, others will feel the same”.

I’m trying to do the same with my whole house. As where I live was once a family home for the four of us and it’s now just me and the kids, I kind of feel like changes need to be made. I want to make it feel like it’s a home I’ve put together as a single gal, somewhere I really want to be, and because I get so little sleep these days I figured it’d be worth starting in the bedroom.

Oi oi! Ahem.

IMG_2319 IMG_2318

This is what it looked like before. Perfectly functional but a little bit cluttered and nothing very interesting to look at. Basket of washing permanently on the end of the bed.

I’ve been working on a Pinterest board the last couple of months for my bedroom. I want to turn it into a boudoir, make it as feminine, light and airy as possible: florals, fairy lights, shoes on display. Your general cliche’d single girl’s room, basically.

Screenshot 2013-08-12 at 13.47.09



The first decision I made was to get rid of the bed. I still sleep in the bed we bought as a marital couple which is a massive kingsize space-sucker: it’s much bigger than what I needs and I’m not a fan of all that wood anymore. I decided to buy a white metal framed bed but couldn’t find one within my teeny tiny budget so bought this bad boy for £30 off eBay (the frame only). I cleaned it up, sanded it down and got to work with a bottle of primer and one of white satin spray paint. What do you know, I’m a DIY/crafting genius!

IMG_2321 IMG_2322(the chair’s going to get painted white anyway…)

Next up was a shopping trip to everyone’s favourite Scandinavian store: IKEA. I love this place; I take the kids at least once a month for a special treat meatball dinner and it’s particularly good now Elfie’s old enough to spend time in the creche (whine free browsing!). I set myself a budget of 100 quid and went looking for some fairy lights, storage, new bedsheets and a large picture frame.

IMG_2316 IMG_2313 IMG_2306For some reason, when I shop at IKEA items literally leap into my trolley. This time was no different and I bust the budget by about a tenner.

Unfortunately as my (sale) mattress hasn’t arrived yet I can’t put my new bed up so the room isn’t completely finished, but I think it’s a big improvement already:


(Sidenote: does anyone iron their bedsheets? Should I be ironing my bedsheets?)  IMG_0067

I love the look of mismatched bedside tables and was desperate to incorporate them into my new room. But because I couldn’t get these within budget I went to a couple of second-hand furniture warehouses nearby in the hopes of finding some gems that I could lovingly Annie Sloane back to life. Unfortunately it was pretty slim pickings so instead I recycled a set of (IKEA) drawers from my dining room and a stool that was found by my mum on Freecycle.

IMG_0063My trip to New York was so life-changing to me that I really wanted to incorporate a part of it into my new room. I’ve framed a graphic map I bought while I was out there and it’ll go above my new bed.

IMG_0066 IMG_0071I don’t wear half of these shoes anymore, but who cares? They’re nice to look at, right?

IMG_0072 IMG_0060If anyone’s in the market for some new floral sheets I can highly recommend these. They were £20 for the King size and are incredibly soft. IKEA always delivers…

IMG_0058 IMG_0068

As soon as the bed is up and running I’m hoping to look at painting the room and maybe getting some new rugs. I’m so happy with what I’ve been able to do with the budget, though, and I feel very calm in this room. It’s a kid-free and man-free zone (for now!).


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  1. Steph (@imcountingufoz) wrote:

    Very nice indeed, I love that bedding – have been coveting it for ages, but it’s so similar to a Cath K set I own that I can’t really justify it.

    I sometimes iron my bedding. It definitely feels more luxurious than not… but most of the time I really cannot be bothered.


    Posted 8.12.13 Reply
  2. mel wrote:

    My mum is always horrified that I don’t iron my bedding-but seriously, where is the time!?!? i need fairy lights back in my life…x

    Posted 8.12.13 Reply
  3. katie wrote:

    You did so well only going over your budget by a tenner – IKEA is just dangerous, i end up coming out with all sorts of random stuff!

    it looks lovely though and the bedding was a bargain. Hope you are enjoying your own space again :)

    Posted 8.12.13 Reply
  4. I always want to spray paint things, I see others do it and get all envious! Great job. I am exactly the same with IKEA…Those trolleys are like magnets!

    Posted 8.12.13 Reply
  5. HonestMum wrote:

    Loving those pretty floral sheets! Definitely makes others want to head to your bed. Girly sleep over?

    Posted 8.12.13 Reply
  6. It looks lovely and I totally understand where you’re coming from – every time I have split up with someone it’s like I automatically reach for a paintbrush!

    P.S. I don’t iron bed sheets despite my current partner claiming that ‘everyone does but me’. I told him he was talking nonsense.

    Posted 8.14.13 Reply
  7. The Girls are beside themselves: they have the same bedding and love it so much that they go mad when they see it anywhere! Love your new look.

    Posted 8.14.13 Reply
  8. Emma wrote:

    Ok, so I feel bad for my husband now because this is what my (OUR!) room currently looks like …

    Posted 8.14.13 Reply
  9. How lovely is that room now!

    Posted 8.16.13 Reply
  10. Emma T wrote:

    Looks so different with just a few changes. Very relaxing and personal

    Posted 8.17.13 Reply
  11. Jaylen wrote:

    Can you please put the link to where you got your sheets?(:

    Posted 10.11.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      They’re IKEA :)

      Posted 10.12.14 Reply