How To Bring Year-Round Sunshine To Your Home

The best thing about the arrival of summer is the sudden emergence of lighter days. All of a sudden it’s light when we wake up and light when we go to sleep… plus, those awful grey days of Autumn and Winter become a distant memory as we enjoy the blue skies and sunshine of the hot seasons.

But there are ways we can help our home feel like this year-round – ones that don’t involve us moving to a country near the equator. Here’s how I do it!

Use warm tones around the house
To lighten your home up you can use warm tones in your furniture, without oppressing your rooms. The current on trend jewel tones work well with lighter pastels, creating a harmonious pairing that’ll really serve to lighten and warm the rooms of your house.

Paint your house white
White reflects light, and there’s no better colour to bounce rays around your home. By painting as many walls in your home as you can white, you’ll really open up your space and create an all-round glow.

Use skylights
Despite having plenty of standard wall windows, sometimes rooms can still feel grey and gloomy in the winter. An easy fix to this is to install skylights, extra pockets of glass out to the external world that’ll flood your home with more light. And there’s no need to worry about being bothered by light when you’re trying to sleep, shopping at a website like will open up to you a whole world of blinds manufactured especially for skylights.

Put mirrors on the wall
Another light reflection trick that’s as old as time is the one to strategically place mirrors around the home to bounce rays within your rooms. Mirrors work best opposite windows, or in corners that otherwise seem dark and shady

Limit patterns
You might think that a feature wall of paper or a mural will add interest to a room, but the business of pattern and colour will have the effect of darkening. Use one consistent colour in each room to limit this.

Add artificial light
Lamps dotted around the room will not only look lovely from an interior design perspective, but will have the effect of bringing more light to the space. Don’t be afraid to flick them on if you’re experiencing a particularly gloomy day, and to use them for a softer light than an overhead lamp.

How do you bring sunshine to you home?

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