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Baby is still breech, despite my lame attempt at acupuncture and my hours of bouncy ball fun. She’s a footling breech, which means her feet are in my cervix (explaining the painful kicks…) and unfortunately because of this and the way her cord is they won’t attempt an ECV. I am an automatic C section at 39 weeks, or earlier should she decide to get labour going before then.

Needless to say I was absolutely gutted to hear the news – I’m sure nobody wants to go through a C section unless absolutely necessary, but I’m pleased we’re doing the safest thing for baby and the safest thing for me. It feels very strange indeed to know that by a certain date we will DEFINITELY have a baby, if not before.

My hospital has been absolutely brilliant and I’ve been so impressed with the level of care I’ve received at Nottingham City over UCLH. UCLH I believe is the number one ranking maternity hospital in the whole of the UK but everything there always felt so sterile and robotic – in contrast each midwife I’ve met over the last week has made me feel so cared for and important. I had an overnight stay last Thursday (my Braxton Hicks have been insane and they want me at the hospital as soon as I start in established labour) and everyone was fantastic.

Air conditioning would be a bonus, though!

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    • And I'm thinking of you! Can't believe we're both going to be parents soon… don't know about you but I'm pretty terrified! xx

  • Oh lovely – thinking of you

    On the c-section thing, my sil has had 3 and whilst nobody would opt for major surgery she did say that it was great knowing when the baby would arrive, to have the extra time in hospital being helped get breastfeeding established and to be forced to take it easier

    Good luck & best wishes (((Hugs)))

    • It's funny you should say that – I was saying yesterday how I was pleased for that extra time in hospital just in case there are any issues with breastfeeding, it'll be great to get the extra help.

    • That website is brilliant!

      A couple of the nurses at the hospital in Nottingham have said that lots of midwives take them off to UCLH as soon as they qualified to get some good experience whilst they wait for jobs in the areas they want to live in. Don't get me wrong – fantastic hospital, everything was brand spanking new… but I do prefer the more worn hospital and kinder midwives!

  • I'd be gutted too – here I am sorting out birth pools and what not! – but I'd do exactly the same thing. Your mutual safety comes before any dreams and ideals. Besides, like you say, it means you know when you'll have her by, and how exciting is that?! All will be well and it'll be just as memorable and precious.

    Look forward to seeing the first pics… they always look so cross and confused, like kittens!

    • I have to admit, as upset as I was, one of my first thoughts was 'thank goodness I didn't shell out for that expensive hypnobirthing course'! (I bought the books instead).

      I'm definitely hoping for a water birth for the next time round.

  • Oh No! Sorry to hear this Alice, but like you say you have to look at the positive which is they are giving you the safest option for you and your baby and you know what, all of this will vanish in an instant the minute you hold your little girl in your arms. Good luck with it all, I am sorry I won't meet you on Saturday though, I was looking forward to seeing you and your bump in person :) I am sure it won't be long before we meet anyway. Take care x

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