2 Booze-Free Drinks That’ll Make You Want To Go Sober

This post was written in collaboration with Cranberry superstars Ocean Spray.

Every so often I realise my relationship with alcohol is making me feel a little uncomfortable. Occasionally I’ll be drinking slightly more of it than I’m happy with, become aware of how many nights out (or sometimes nights in) have been followed by a head that’s thicker than I’d like it to be.

I’ve started classing myself as ‘Sober Curious’: a status that says yes, you know too much alcohol isn’t good for you – booze free drinks are best – but you’re not willing to put an all-or-nothing label on yourself. The rise and rise of this movement has been partly down to women like Ruby Warrington, an ex-Sunday Times Style editor, founder of ‘now-age’ site The Numinous and leader of Club Söda NYC. Her book, Sober Curious, came out last year, and she’s been delighted with the response it’s had.

“As we change our diet, work out regularly and adopt other wellness practices, it becomes harder to reconcile the way alcohol really makes us feel”, says Ruby. “I think a lot of people are beginning to ask if a few hours of ‘pressing pause’ on stress, anxiety, or loneliness is worth the inevitable payoff the morning after.”

booze free drinks booze free drinks

One of the biggest worries I hear from those considering to indulge in their own sober curiosity is that of being bored. Drinking alcohol naturally gives you the choice of many weird and wonderful concoctions to drink, but when you’re not indulging in an intricate cocktail or a gorgeous wine, what do you fill your glass with? Aren’t all booze free drinks boring?

I have some answers. Over the last month I’ve been experimenting with my favourite soft drinks that leave me feeling refreshed without the accompanying hungover, so when Cranberry juice legends Ocean Spray asked me to craft some drinks using their Original and Sugar-free juices I was delighted to take on the challenge of widening my soft drink repertoire.

Not only are these lovely glasses full of low-calorie booze free drinks, but the cranberry is also one of those superfoods we’re always told we need to eat (or drink!) more of. Cranberry juice benefits the internal organs and skin, with antioxidants present slowing down the aging process, zapping fine lines and wrinkles. Hydroxylysine, amino acid and hydroxyproline in the fruit creates collagen – fab for skin – and they’re packed with vitamin c, fibre and minerals.

Here are some gorgeous cranberry-based booze free drinks you will enjoy this summer! Now all we need is the sun…

booze free drinks

Booze Free Drinks That Are So Good They’ll Turn You Sober

Cranberry Non-Mojito

Small handful of fresh mint
1 tsp simple syrup
Juice of half a lime
150 ml Ocean Spray Cranberry Original
100 ml sparkling water

Begin by muddling the mint and the lime juice along with the limes in the bottom of your glass. Add the simple syrup and some cubes of ice. Pour in the Ocean Spray Cranberry Original and top with sparkling water. Stir and enjoy!

booze free drinks booze free drinks booze free drinks

Cranberry and Ginger Sparkler

150ml Ocean Spray Cranberry Original
75ml Ginger Beer

Pour your Ocean Spray Cranberry Original in a champagne glass and top with the ginger beer. Serve with a sprig of mint and enjoy!

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