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A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging: 11th November

A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging: 11th November

Blogging workshop

If you asked me why I love blogging so much, I couldn’t tell you – it’s simply brilliant, in so many ways.

Epanoui Bedford
Epanoui in Bedford

Over the last fifteen years it has given me so much, from friends to businesses to jobs… if there’s a message that you need to get out there, blogging is the most efficient and cost-effective way to do it.

Starting a blog can be the catalyst to so many things. If you’re looking to expand your business it can work as a platform to launch from, if you’d like to put some welly behind a writing career it can act as your portfolio, and if you want to build a community it’s a wonderful way to create a clique. Yep, whether you love the call of crafting words or have a budding business idea, a blog is a sensible and cheap place to start.

Which is why I have put together a day-long course to help you along your journey into blog-world!

At the beautiful lifestyle store Epanoui in Bedford on Sunday 11th November, I will be running a blogging workshop on this exact subject. If you have ever felt the urge to have your own online space, this is for you.

“I found your session so inspiring! I feel like I have so much more direction with my blog now, thanks for sharing your expertise with us.”

– E, blogging workshop attendee

One of the best parts of the day will be is that you’ll go home not only with a bank of actionable knowledge and take-aways (I mean guides and information, not a kebab menu), including a workbook to refer to at home, but a fully up-and-running blog too. All you need to bring is a laptop, a notebook, and tons of enthusiasm.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the day:

A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging: Curriculum

Lesson 1: Your Audience

Why and for whom are you writing your blog? What are your goals for starting one? We’ll talk about finding your audience and how you will craft your voice so they will find the content you put out there, as well as how you can find your niche and uniqueness in an online world that can seem crowded and noisy.

Lesson 2: Blog Content

The bones of your website, the crux of why your audience will follow you: what will your blog actually be about? Which content pillars will you build your posts on? Together we will generate sample post ideas and I’ll give you the tools to brainstorm ongoing material so you’re never short of content. We’ll also touch on SEO and how this relates to the words, images and video you post, as well as how what you post on Social Media affects your search rankings.

Lesson 3: The Technical Stuff, In Plain English

It’s all well and good knowing what you want to write and who you’ll write it for, but to go live you need a platform to put it on! Together we’ll set up your actual blog and get it looking lovely. I’ll give you resources so you can develop a visual brand you feel happy with and create a space you’ll feel excited to log on to every day.

“I really enjoyed the workshop and cannot wait to get started. This has been brewing in my head for over a year and you have given me the confidence and know-how to finally get it off the ground!”

– J, blogging workshop attendee

Lesson 4: Social Media and Community

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We all spend too much time hanging out on Instagram (obvs), but how can you get your Social Media accounts and Community (that’s the people who follow you) to become followers of your blog? We’ll talk about the difference between followers and advocates, and how to craft an engaged community.

Lesson 5: Putting It Into Practice

You’ve got the bare bones of your blog, you’ve got a content plan, you’ve got a community. Now let’s set your site into the world! We’ll work out a blog strategy for the future and talk about how to maintain focus and motivation.

Alice Judge-Talbot

Why Me?

I have been blogging here at MTT for 8 years and on the world wide web for 18, before a blog was even called a blog – we called them ‘journals’. As a Digital Editor and Content Manager in my previous life for some of the biggest brands around, I managed blogs for people like VICE (growing their monthly audience from 80k to ~1.3m in 2 years)  and IKEA (where I managed a site re-design that cost more than my first house). I have ran the Social Media accounts for similar sized behemoths (Mentos, Graco, Gordon’s Gin), crafting words and audiences from scratch and for entertainment, engagement and eCommerce. Published in The Telegraph, Stylist and Buzzfeed, I have the Technical and Marketing know-how, but can also teach you how to write words people want to read (well, you’re reading this aren’t you? ;).

Join us on the 11th November from 10am to approximately 3pm for a day that promises to be full of learning and fun. You’ll arrive with your laptop and leave with a fully functioning blog and the skills you need to run it successfully.

The price of the course, which includes a light lunch, is £149, and will be at Epanoui – 44 Mill St, Bedford, MK40 3HD. You can buy your tickets to immediately secure your place here.

Due to the nature of the course we are limited to 10 spots, so book yours quickly!

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