Bio-Extracts: The All-In-One Moisturising System

As a beauty fan, my morning and evening routines can take ages. It’s a lovely process to go through either at the start of the day or before bed, but as I’m not my own professional facialist (and don’t have the time to be), I’m a fan of anything that can cut both the time and the money I spend on cleansing and moisturising my face.

Which is where the new moisturising system from Bio-Extracts comes in.

Bio-Extracts is a unique product using bio-technology – the use of highly purified ingredients, in this case plant extracts – to deliver heightened benefits to our skin. The system is different because you use a base moisturizing cream with a selection of ‘boosters’ to tailor the product to your skin, depending on how it’s feeling that day.

This is a minimalist approach that creates an entirely bespoke solution for any skin concern: with boosters to target redness, tighten or enhance glow, you need only purchase one product instead of several.

Plus, they’re my favourite kind of company: british born and female-led.

Their story is a really lovely one to tell: the work of Marina, the founder of Nubo cosmetics, has always intrigued her daughter, Irina. Like most mothers and daughters, Marina would educate Irina about cosmetics whilst she was completing her biosciences degree at University College London.

Their family’s love for nature led them on a long trip to remote ends of Sub-Saharan Africa, where they interacted with a number of different tribes, each with their own unique culture, ways of life and definitions of beauty. By observing the ways of these tribes, the two came to the realisation that what all these people had in common was that much like Western civilization prior to the advancement of pharmaceuticals and reliance of synthetic chemicals, these tribes derived their treatments from natural sources. For example, one tribe showed them how adding water to a certain plant instantaneously created a soap-like solution, whilst another tribe showed that crushing certain combinations of plants together created ‘cough-medicine’ or other medicinal treatments.


Coming from generations of award winning scientists, the pair decided to take a rigorous, scientific approach to plant -based skincare. They set out on a mission to find the best candidates for potential ingredients from all over the world, whilst simultaneously exploring and developing the best techniques for maximising the effectiveness of the plants: which is how Bio-Extracts came to be.

Cool story, right?bio extractsThe high-tech airless jar and booster “syringes” add functional elements to the products, making each potion personal and more effective. The airless jar dispenses a precise amount of a moisturiser to be used on its own or together with between 1 and 4 shots at a time, from the airless “syringes”, meaning you can create your own little skincare lab at home.

Bio-Extracts is based on the Lamellar System™, a system of natural ‘liquid crystals’ formulated to imitate the structure of our own skin. On application, pure botanical molecules ‘lock in’ hydration, ensuring the uniform distribution of the actives crucial for skin performance. The Bio-Extracts moisturisers act as your ‘second skin’, leaving it instantly refreshed and rehydrated in a non-greasy and rapid absorption formula.

The Boosters used with the moisturizer (you can choose from Rich, Light or Normal) are super-charged serums that deliver active plant derived molecules at exceptionally high concentrations. Thinking about my most prevalent skin concerns, the boosters I chose to try were Glow, Clean to Clear (damn that adult acne), Firming and Anti-Wrinkle. I also chose the Rich moisturiser as my carrier as my skin is mostly dry, even in the summer.

The system works brilliantly. I brought it on holiday with me to save space and time, and it’s such a fantastic way to deliver what your skin needs in a quick and speedy way. As a hygiene nut, I really love the airless pump system of all products (no dipping dirty fingers in pristine pots), and most importantly, the system really works.

Plus the inclusion of Aromatherapy really suits my need to slap something luxurious on my face, so all boxes are ticked!

You can find your very own Bio-Extracts skin prescription at their website.

Thanks to Bio-Extracts for sending me a set of their gorgeous products. 

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