Being Almost 39 Weeks Pregnant

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– Greys Anatomy has been my saviour from Maternity Leave boredom this week. I love it – LOVE IT! Unfortunately it’s a bit of a ritual that Will and I watch it together at the end of a long day, but to his dismay I can’t wait for him any longer. So I’m averaging 4 episodes a day and am currently whizzing through season 5, whereas Will is stuck at the start of season 4. Barring Desperate Housewives it’s my favourite show and it is the reason Will is looking forward to scrubbing in for real at my caesarian. I am really jealous that he’ll get to wear scrubs…

– I have never had Acid Reflux before in my whole life but it turns out that’s what the weird feeling in my throat is. I’ve had it a few times over the last fortnight and thought it might have been something to do with the fact I’m still averaging 2 bags of ice a week, but after a nasty 12 hours of near-vomiting and a Google of my symptoms I have discovered I have the reflux. And reflux sucks.

– I’m tired. I feel like I will always be tired. It doesn’t help when people say “make the most of your sleep, it’ll be a distant memory soon, hur hur hur”.

– On that note, the unsolicited advice I seem to be receiving off anyone and everyone was fine at first – almost welcome. But now
I’m hot, tired, and uncomfortable I’m feeling pretty antisocial and just would like people to back off. My body, my baby. Get lost*

– While we’re at it, don’t touch the belly. It’s especially annoying if I don’t know you.

– We bought a car! A fairly new Renault Laguna, nice and safe for baby. However, what initially seemed to be a great bargain from the car auction turned out to be a bit of a money drain to get it into shape (£600 garage bill, £135 for 6 months tax… ouch). I need to keep reminding myself that between us Will and I used to spend £260 a month on public transport in London, not including taxis, so in the big scheme of things it’ll work itself out. And it feels brilliant to be able to hop in the car whenever we like… especially as it’s a fancy automatic.

– I’m still having contractions on and off, not enough to get excited about but enough to make me go “oof” occasionally.

– I’ve given up on my swollen hands and taken my rings off, they were getting uncomfortably tight. I can still wear my wedding ring on a chain around my neck but I’m
looking forward to getting both rings back on my finger where they belong.

– Similarly, I’ve given up on wearing anything that isn’t stretchy as even my arms and legs are swelling up in this heat. I can’t get either pair of my maternity jeans over my calves without wincing so it’s jersey only.

– Make-up is also a thing of the past. Who can be bothered in this heat? Ditto contact lenses.

– We’re definitely going to have a baby this week. How crazy is that?

* of course I am far too polite to say any of this in real life and instead choose to seethe inwardly at all the ‘helpful’ comments I’ve been receiving..

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  1. Jules wrote:

    It's mad to think baby is here this week. Only seems like yesterday when you announced you were pregnant. Loving the bump pictures.

    Posted 7.4.10 Reply
    • aliceharold wrote:

      I felt the same, until about six weeks ago. Now I feel like I've been pregnant forever!

      Posted 7.6.10 Reply
  2. Hannah M wrote:

    Very excited for you, hope it all goes well :D

    Posted 7.5.10 Reply
    • aliceharold wrote:

      Thanks Hannah! x

      Posted 7.6.10 Reply
  3. Metropolitan Mum wrote:

    Oh Alice, I have goosebumps all over. Almost there!!!
    I know what you mean when you say you want people to back off. Believe me, I have been there, too:’t-

    Posted 7.6.10 Reply
    • aliceharold wrote:

      Urgh, don't you hate how everyone is an expert when it comes to pregnancy??!

      We installed the car seat this weekend and it's looking fabulous. I can't thank you enough :) x

      Posted 7.6.10 Reply
  4. YAY!! you are almost there! The heartburns and reflux will stop when the baby is born. For both mine it stopped the minute they were born and mine were really bad all the way through my pregnancy.
    You are looking fab too! x

    Posted 7.6.10 Reply
    • aliceharold wrote:

      Thank goodness! I can't stomach any more Gaviscon. I'm hoping the sinusitis will stop as soon as baby's out too (that's what I've been promised by the doctor, and if it doesn't happen someone's going to get it…) x

      Posted 7.6.10 Reply
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