Being 22 Weeks Pregnant

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– I’ve noticed in the past week or so I am having moments of realisation that a little person will be arriving into our cosy family of 2 in July. Yes – it’s all becoming real. I’m still trying to concentrate on the practicalities of becoming a parent (if I didn’t do this then I’d get too excited, and when I’m excited I can’t sleep = I’m going to have enough sleep depravation with the baby). But still, right now I’m feeling a little bit ‘oh my god we’re having a baby’! It’s not quite 100% real yet, I reckon I’m 70% of the way there.

– Our 20 week scan was fine – although it was at 22 weeks. I fear we may have seemed like the most heartless parents ever as we didn’t get very excited; we’ve now had 7 scans thanks to my risk of pre-eclampsia and have been lucky enough to know the sex since week 14 and watch babies development very closely. However, our last pre-eclampsia scan was 4 days before our 20 week scan so we were given an identical tour of my uterus. I now know it like the back of my hand.

– Baby is still a girl. Excellent! She’s been breech since about 15 weeks and still is now, but I’m hopeful that she’ll turn before delivery.

– My cervix looks great (in fact, it’s 32mm long I believe – now that was something new to look at yesterday). This puts my risk of early delivery at a teeny tiny 1%!

– The headaches have arrived. Once a day, mostly behind my right eye. It’s not my blood pressure (which is still fairly low), it’s not dehydration (I’m chugging as much water as my shrunken bladder can carry), I reckon it’s either linked to my sinuses or hormones. The doctors aren’t worried, so neither am I.

– I’ve switched to using a sensible across-the-body handbag and have been wearing sensible shoes ever since my fall last week – I never thought I’d be self-imposing a ban on high heels. In all seriousness it was a really scary experience and one I wouldn’t like to go through again.

– My mood is constantly good. I wake up in the morning feeling happy and go to bed feeling happy. Its brilliant!

– I’ve noticed that I have to get everything done that I want to in a day before around 9pm, as that’s the time I crash and burn. Once I’ve collapsed on the sofa post-9 there’s no getting me back up again.

– I’m HUNGRY. All the time!

(Go and check out this week’s carnival at Baby Baby – I’m there for the first time this week!)

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  1. Sounds like a lovely preganancy, wnjoy it. I actually think 9pm is a good time, I used to get home from work and that was it for me, often MadDad had to undress me and carry me to bed!!

    Posted 3.16.10 Reply
  2. Alice wrote:

    Thank you :) I am trying to enjoy it but at the same time I’m so impatient for it to be over so I can meet baby!

    Posted 3.16.10 Reply
  3. Hannah wrote:

    I was the same – couldn’t stay awake past nine even if I tried

    Posted 3.16.10 Reply
  4. Not So Yummy Mummy wrote:

    So exciting! I had lots of scans too for the same reason as you. I considered myself fortunate to be able to see my baby lots and lots! I hope all continues to go well and make sure to get lots of rest. I didn’t think I would develop pre-eclampsia, I thought my doctors were being over cautious, but I was wrong and I raced around doing lots of stuff until my body said “enough’s enough”! It’s a good thing that you’re crashing and burning at 9pm. You need the rest!

    Posted 3.17.10 Reply
  5. I found the tiredness quite overwhelming and unexpected, but you are making a baby and that requires effort from your body. My yoga teacher said that pregnancy was the equivalent of running 30 marathons!
    Thanks for the link to the carnival x

    Posted 3.17.10 Reply
  6. I don’t want to take away any hope, but collapsing at 9PM might stay the way it is for a very long time. These days I even manage to stay up until 10PM. Woo-hoo! ;)

    Posted 3.17.10 Reply
  7. Alice wrote:

    Hannah, Sandy, Metmum – glad it’s not just me! Thankfully the tiredness isn’t as bad as at the beginning of this pregnancy when I couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings and work was a massive struggle. Urgh, I am positively energetic compared to that time!!

    Not So Yummy Mummy – I have felt so lucky to have seen so much of baby. It’s really put my mind at ease at times when I think I may have otherwise been needlessly worrying. Having 2 scans 4 days apart seemed very funny though.

    Posted 3.17.10 Reply
  8. hey – congrats on the girl!
    Yeah to coffee, I am away for a couple of days but will email you on Sunday to sort out meeting up
    :-) xx

    Posted 3.17.10 Reply
  9. mitchdcba wrote:

    Wow, very great that you share here. I hope you and the baby is healthy during the pregnancy. Good luck!
    15 weeks pregnant

    Posted 4.9.10 Reply