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Before You Know It, Your Bathroom With Be Like The Savoy’s
hotel bathroom at home

When we moved to our new house, the worst thing about it was the two bathrooms. Though they’d been fairly recently renovated, we’d come from a home where the bathroom was absolutely wonderful: a bathroom reminiscent of a 5-star hotel, my pride and joy, the place I spent hours luxuriating with all kinds of weird and wonderful potions all over my face.

But in this house they fall kind of short. They’re functional and basic – which, as a family with two small children is all we need, really – but have no function above going to the loo and bathing as quickly as possible.

And I have to say, I miss my glorious hotel-esque bathroom!

I have some experience with this kind of thing, though. I know what I’m doing when it comes to crafting a beautiful bathing space out of thin air, and though we’re not going to be living at The Savoy any time soon, there are always ways in which you can make your bathroom feel that little bit more luxurious.

Make Storage Your Priority
Nothing screams ‘non-luxury’ than having to gaze at bottles of Radox, boxes of paracetamol or hundreds of loo rolls on display: there’s a reason fancy pants hotels only give you one toilet roll at a time!  Which is why, when it comes to crafting your gorgeous bathroom, you should make sure you have plenty of storage space.

So you’re not gazing at your super-sized tampons while you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing hour in the bath, I’d recommend a bathroom mirror cabinet like these from Bathroom Luxuries. Gorgeous yet practical – the perfect combination.

Towels, Towels, Everywhere! 
What do you always see in a luxe bathroom? That’s right, piles of fluffy towels, ready and waiting for you to wrap yourself up in them after your heavenly shower or bath. I recommend floating as many lovely towels around your bathroom as possible to re-create the look: in white, if possible. Yes, they’re slightly harder to keep clean, but have you ever seen a nice hotel full of mis-matched or brightly coloured towels? I didn’t think so.

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Use Rugs and Texture
One thing I dislike about my new bathroom is the floor, so to counter it I have used lovely rugs to cover it all up. These don’t have to be expensive – Moroccon-esque floor coverings are really good value and are machine-washable too – and I also rate rag rugs to cover a slightly difficult bathroom floor.

Choose Lovely Products You’ll Want To Use
Throw away that aforementioned Radox: the only products you should ever have in your bathroom are ones you really want to be there. Which have you enjoyed using in hotels recently? Make a note and buy their full-size versions when you get home

Splashing out – if you’ll excuse the pun – on gorgeous bathroom products makes it a real pleasure to bathe, even if your bathroom is (like mine!) slightly less than desirable. I promise, implement these tips and you’ll be desperate to get clean!

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