A Facelift With the Bedroom Rug

In my opinion, a pair of well-shaped eyebrows are to a face what a good rug is to a room. Both something that so seamlessly pulls the rest together, something that can change the entire look of what surrounds. And a new bedroom rug is my favourite kind of eyebrow.

Along with a good cushion, a lovely rug is absolutely my favourite tool in my decorating box. It’s something that can give an interior-based facelift without the upheaval of painting anything or the bank-breakage of buying expensive new furniture.

To demonstrate this I’m going to first post a photograph of my bedroom with its LaRedoute rug firmly in situ. A workhorse of a floor-covering, it had lasted a few years well (including the messier toddler times), and after moving house with it two Christmases ago I decided it was time for pastures new with a new rug from Frith Rugs.

Old bedroom rug

Lovely though the old rug was the fact it was high-pile meant it was difficult to clean and easily showed signs of wear. I decided I wanted a piece that would be easier to maintain (my hair sheds in the bedroom and is a nightmare to hoover out of high-pile) along with something that would fit in with my current colour scheme.

As I work from the desk in the corner my brief included the fact this bedroom rug needed to be bright and light, a floor covering that would leave me feeling invigorated and inspired on the daily – a tall order maybe; while you’re at it perhaps you could also find me a rug that does my tax return?

Bedroom rug - marble effect

And so I chose this: the ‘Space’ woven bedroom rug from Frith Rugs, a low-pile machine-woven rug that covered way more floor than my old one (this size is 9’6″ x 6’7″) which, much like those well-shaped eyebrows, has really changed the look and feel of the room.

Bedroom rug and cosy bed Bedroom rug and workspace

Its marble effect has blended in seamlessly with the rest of the room; I’ve purposefully kept the tones in here neutral and peaceful, incorporating a few blush accents, and the rug carries on this colour scheme without being too imposing or making a big statement. Which, for a room where I sleep, I really need.

Bedroom rug and dressing area Bedroom rug

For a bedroom rug it’s proving pretty hardy, standing up to the tiny feet (and bigger heels) that scamper across it on the daily, and has passed one of the most important tests I have for anything that enters my home: how it cleans.

Compared to a high-pile rug this one passes with flying colours – it genuinely is a pleasure to hoover. And that’s coming from someone who hates hoovering, so you know it must be true.

With 5 stores across the UK, Frith Rugs have a huge number of rugs in-store and online to choose from, including Persian, Indian and Afghan-made products (I was particularly taken with a couple of their silk-blend rugs), as well as the more modern styles as I chose. Their service was fab – my rug arrived the next day – and was exactly as I expected.

If you have a room that needs a wee facelift with a rug, I’d recommend them as a great place to buy from. You can visit Frith Rugs online or go old-fashioned and give them a call on 01745 584404.

This bedroom rug was sent to me by Frith Rugs and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much to Frith Rugs for working with More Than Toast.



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