Becoming a Soup Fan

I was never a soup person, and I’m not really sure why.

You think soup and you think hot steamy bowls of something delicious, hunkering down on the sofa in front of a fire and maybe a festive movie. You think woolly socks and blankets, thick crusts of bread slathered in butter all ready to dip. Soup is cosiness, soup is staying warm for winter.

So why have I always picked salad for lunch over its warmer cousin? No idea! But that changes here…

Because I met Cully & Sully.

Cully & Sully

Cully & Sully is the kind of food business I can get on board with. Based in Ireland’s foodie capital of Cork, Cully & Sully simply love good food – and they eat a lot of it! The Cook of the twosome, Cully, knows that for good food you need great ingredients and this is what their ethos is rooted on.

Their aim is to make delicious meals – including soups and pies – that deliver on nutrition, and with Cully’s sister Fawn on-board as their in-house nutritionist, this is absolutely what they achieve.

Cully & Sully sent me a few of their delicious soups and I was really excited to see if they could shake me out of my soup-free funk.

Cully & Sully

The first of their soups that I tried was perhaps not the most friendliest when it comes to microwave scent – Smoked Haddock and Salmon Chowder, yum! – but it absolutely packed a punch in the flavour department. I’m a real fish fan but had never tried it in chowder form before, and I have to say I’m hooked. This was absolutely gorgeous as well as ticking all the health boxes, and it filled me right up til dinner time.

One of my favourite things about Cully & Sully soups is that they give handy suggestions for adding extra touches to the soups to make them a little more interesting. I employed their suggestion with the next of the soups I tried, the lovely Pea & Minty soup.

Cully & Sully

Cully & Sully suggested some crispy fried bacon on top so I took their advice and chopped up some of my finest streaky bits that were languishing in the back of my fridge. And what wonderful advice it was too – it was a gorgeous combination.

I’m not exaggerating when I say Cully & Sully have revolutionised my lunch times. Whereas previously I’d be chowing down on boring leftovers come midday, now I really look forward to eating delicious, nutritious and fresh-tasting soup. And as a bonus their soup containers are the absolute perfect size to store aforementioned leftovers in the fridge.

If you’re stuck on boring lunches, give them a go! You can pick up Cully & Sully in your local Tesco. Let me know what you think…

Thank you to Cully & Sully for working with More Than Toast on this sponsored post. 

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