Beauty Pie Haircare Has Launched And Predictably, It’s Brilliant

My barnet and I have been through the mill together these last few years, long before Beauty Pie haircare arrived on the scene.

It started falling out two and a half years previously – most probably because of an incredibly stressful time – and the experience of losing so much of my hair was, quite frankly, harrowing.

As a Leo (and really, as a woman), my hair has always defined me. It’s long been such a part of who I am: wavy, thick and more often than not really quite unruly, it was both the bane and the highlight of my teenage years.

dealing with hair loss - tape hair extensions

Pre-hair loss

Though I’d spend hours ironing it straight, and a fortune on haircare to try and tame it, I adored having such long thick hair. It was a big part of my femininity and I totally took it for granted, so when it started shedding by the absolute handful I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.

Cry, mostly.

At first, and in denial, I chopped my long hair off, thinking that at shoulder-length the lack of volume would be less noticeable. Which it was, for a time, until further chunks fell out. Then there was no denying its wispy thinness.

Dealing with hair lossI spent most of the time with my hair up in teeny tiny buns, attempting to love to wear it up. Then I got extensions, an expensive way to plug a little bit of confidence back onto my head: it worked and I felt a semblance of ‘me’ return, but the two hours it took to wash and dry the hair I’d had glued on to my head was soon untenable.

As my own hair started growing back in – I credit Vitamin A and Biotin for kick-starting the strong growth – I realised my old slapdash approach to hair washing wasn’t going to cut it, if you’ll excuse the pun. My flat and volumeless hair needed well-formulated products to make it look its best, because slathering it on whatever was BOGOF at Boots left me with with a head of greasy dullness.

In the time post-hair loss I discovered some really great products. Dermikelp, which I reviewed on the blog, was a revelation (but at £17 a bottle, an expensive one). Ditto the lovely products from Susanne Kaufmann, which were incredibly soothing and nourishing but you’ll need to pawn a child to afford them.

Beauty Pie haircare Beauty Pie haircare

Beauty Pie Haircare to the rescue!!

A couple of months ago it was announced that Beauty Pie were about to release a range of haircare, and so convinced was I of how brilliant this would be that I stopped purchasing any hair products, using up all my crappy old ones before I moved on to what I was convinced would be life-changing.

And I wasn’t wrong!

Beauty Pie is the best way to enjoy luxury beauty without the luxury prices: it’s a buyer’s club for beauty addicts from Marcia Kilgore (Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory, FitFlop), and has been my go-to destination for everything make-up, skincare and fragrance since its launch a couple of years ago. As a member of Beauty Pie you can shop directly, purchasing products that are developed in the most prestigious labs world-wide while cutting out the expensive branding, marketing and middlemen.

Beauty Pie haircare has been developed in one of the world’s top haircare labs and combines current technology with sulphate-free formulations (usually the most expensive in salons and chemists) to give you simply healthy hair, every day. Without the hefty price tag.

Beauty Pie haircare

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trialling their ‘Super Healthy Hair moisturising’ range: a shampoo, conditioner and repair treatment for dry and damaged hair. The formula promises – and delivers – replenishing moisture to the driest and most delicate of hair (like mine!). Its key actives include Amino Acids, Lustreplex Shine Enhancers, Anti-Frizz Elasticity Boosters, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E… and all for the princely sum of £4.88.

The range has left my hair feeling soft, voluminous and healthy. I can honestly say it’s worked just as well as any shampoo and conditioner combo at four times the price: it’s been truly excellent. My hair, while not at the ‘mermaid’ levels of 7 years ago, feels better than it has in a long time. And the children feel happy that I don’t have to pawn one or both of them to afford it.

Just dropped on their site is the Super Healthy Hair Daily Strengthening shampoo and conditioner, which I will be trying next.

You can try Beauty Pie haircare with an extra £50 bonus using the code ALICESENTME – and I really hope you do. All their products are just brilliant (I am on my third tub of Japanfusion moisturiser and will not be without it, and could literally wax lyrical about their scented candles). It continues to be highly recommended from our well-groomed neck of the woods.

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