My Aims for Autumn

I love a new start. And, although New Years Resolutions on the 1st January are as fresh as they come, there’s something so much nicer about setting intentions for the Autumn season.

I think it’s because, as relaxed the post-festive season January is, there’s also something so depressing about it. Short days, dark evenings, freezing cold nights. I always feel like when I resolve to work harder/eat healthier/exercise more in the winter, the weather and darkness seems to mean I’m failing before I even begin.

Which is why it feels so much happier to set Autumn intentions, likelier to succeed. With the kids enjoying new starts of their own – new schools and new terms – I like to think it makes sense I embark on my own! And I’ve written them down here to make sure I’m accountable…

Autumn aims

Take Time For Self-Improvement
For me, self-improvement this autumn takes a couple of forms. For a start I want to spend more time reading the literal hundreds of books I’ve got on the subject. It also means working on my personal and business focuses, and to this end I’m about to start working with the brilliant professional coach Jessica Rogers. I also want to take time to give my friendships and work relationships the attention they need; there’s nothing like inspiration from the wonderful women around me, whether at work or over wine. More of this, please!

Start My New Business With a Bang
I’ve been working on an arm of my business that is kind-of-almost related to my blog, and it’s something I’m really passionate and excited about. I can’t wait to launch this later on in the autumn and am so excited to put my all into it. Watch this space…

Write, Write, Write
Since I hung up my corporate clogs last month I’ve noticed how much I love scribbling just for the sake of it. It’s good for the soul, good for the mind, and something I really want to continue. Along with…

Keep On Videoing
I’ve also SO enjoyed getting creative with some videos these last few weeks (you can see them at my YouTube channel, here!). I’d love to make more, it’s so much fun to natter away at a camera – though I still feel like a bit of a dick doing it in public.

Get Healthy
I’m at the stage in my relationship – almost six months in – where I seem to have put on half a stone (hello romantic evenings of rich food and wines…) and stopped eating salad or going to the gym. Having just received notification that I’ll be able to run the marathon next year after injuring myself out of this year’s race, this needs to change! I’m cutting down on booze and stepping up the healthy food. Enforced gym time is also to come.

Spend More Quality Time With Those I Love
It’s been so nice to have more of a work balance recently, perhaps a little bit enforced by the fact I’m in a relationship, and I’ve loved it. I actually do normal stuff now, like cook dinner before slobbing on the sofa in front of Doctor Foster while getting a foot rub. It’s quite a contrast to the old days of working all evening, and I find spending more time with the people I love makes me an all-round much nicer person.

I want to do more of this – more cooking, more quality time, more foot rubs. More nice Alice.


What are your Autumn aims?

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  1. paula wrote:

    Good to ‘take stock’ regularly. I do a list of taking stock question/answers a fellow blogger passed onto me – makes you think & actually do! Plus as a florist being aware of various calendar New Years, special dates of different countries, cultures etc (it all affects the price of flowers) makes one aware that January isn’t the only time for re-charging & rejuvenating.
    Also, so good to write it down! not just for you, for future projects but for the offspring to see what a pen & paper can be used for – device generation!

    Posted 9.27.17 Reply
  2. I love all your goals, I’m trying to take more time for myself and we’ve joined the gym. For a certified exercise dodger such as myself, this could be a challenge!

    Posted 10.2.17 Reply