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Arranging Flowers At Home: 5 Tips From Flower Designers

Arranging Flowers At Home: 5 Tips From Flower Designers

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There’s no better way of revitalizing your home’s look than through using a bouquet of fresh flowers. This is because having flowers in your home adds natural beauty to your home and makes the atmosphere feel a lot more inviting. However, you shouldn’t just scatter the flowers randomly throughout your house but instead observe a systematic arrangement. 

This is the main setback you’ll have to deal with, as creating an excellent flower design requires careful planning and preparation. If this is your problem, worry not as in this article you’ll be taken through an overview from experts on how to create basic arrangements. Without further ado, let’s dive right ahead and take a look at these flower arrangement tips from flower designers. 

Pick A Flower Arrangement Design 

Before going out to buy flowers, you must first decide on the ideal color scheme. With this in mind, you’ll be able to tell whether the picked flowers will work well together. If you wish to achieve a high-impact flower design, it’s best to go with complementary colors; for instance, blue and orange are bold and usually pop against each other. In contrast, monochromatic schemes are more striking and consistent as they display various hues of a similar color, for example, purple, dark blue, and light blue. 

You shouldn’t stress yourself so much about the most suitable color scheme as different flower pairings usually work just fine. Therefore, you should go with anything available in your local market or whatever you can find in your garden. You can spruce up your garden and have the flowers that you like and make them easily available for you. Having such an open-minded mindset is better as being very specific only means you rule out other great flowers. 

Be Creative With Your Vase

The vase is where you get to hold your flowers, and you can use wicker baskets, teacups, watering cans, or ceramic bowls. And for optimal effectiveness, it needs to be unique to further add some flare to the flower arrangement.

The choice of vase to go with depends on the kind of flowers you intend to use. A weighted vessel is perfect for top-heavy or tall branches, while a straight-sided vase is perfect for tulips. In addition, woven baskets are also an excellent pick for flower arrangements as they add natural texture. And if you want to ensure that the flowers remain in one place and hold water well, consider using a plastic container to line the basket. 

It’s also essential to ensure the vase is at all times clean. Otherwise, this will negatively impact the beauty of the flower arrangements. Therefore, you should also set aside some time to wash the vase using bleach and rinse it thoroughly to remove all the stains.  

Keep Flowers Away From Direct Heat 

When you get flowers for your home, the goal is to make sure they remain fresh for as long as possible. There’s no better way of attaining this than by ensuring that the stem and flowers don’t come in direct contact with heat. If your flower arrangements are outdoors, consider adding water as often as possible or constantly dipping the flowers. By doing this, you save yourself from worrying about whether the flowers remain fresh. 

Create Simple Flower Arrangements 

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Choosing complicated flower arrangements is what’s often considered among inexperienced homeowners to be ideal. However, this isn’t the case, and it’s instead recommended you opt for a simple flower arrangement. To achieve this, you should use various colors that look chic and elegant within a similar color palette. This is effective in giving your home a feeling of harmony and unity. 

To create a simple flower arrangement, try to combine purple and pink flowers or yellow cream and white cream flowers. Despite being simplistic, such flower arrangements will no doubt capture anyone’s attention the moment they walk into your home. 

Perfect The Art Of Mixing 

Flowers come in different types, and it’s recommended you mix them up to ensure they do brighten up your home well. These types of flowers include filler flowers like Queen Anne, Astrantia, and Alchemilla for filling gaps, while line flowers that are typically tall and long such as Belladonna, Astilbe, and Larkspur, have great blooms for defining the arrangement’s shape. There are also focal flowers that are great for commanding attention. This includes sunflower, peonies, garden roses, and dahlias, whereas foliage such as Hosta leaves and ferns are suitable for adding contrast. 


Creating an appealing flower arrangement masterpiece needs a lot of work to ensure that they do maintain their freshness and color. But this should no longer be the case after reading this comprehensive guide explaining the various ways you can arrange flowers in your home professionally. These arrangement tips are fun and straightforward, so you shouldn’t have trouble putting them into effect. 

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