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Appreciating The Laundrette of Mum and Dad

Appreciating The Laundrette of Mum and Dad

This week, to entertain myself in what is the… third? Fourth? Week of being on my own (what actually feels like the hundred and sixtieth day of being on my own) I cleaned all my white trainers.

Which might not sound like a Big Deal to some, but was for me. And I shall explain why.

You see, at the grand old age of (*thinks hard*) thirty-four, my dad still cleans my trainers. And I have – well, had – absolutely no shame over that. My dad is a very practical person and just seems to know how to do some things much much better than anyone else. Cleaning trainers, putting shelves up, fixing plumbing, cooking a steak: dad’s your man.

But as he’s in the government-mandated group of being slightly higher risk than us whippersnappers he and my mum are currently living their best life at their house: there’s no way I can see them in the coming weeks.

Best for their health, bad for my mucky shoes.

And so I took to YouTube to discover how to clean my own trainers. A bottle of white vinegar, some baking soda and Vanish: voila! OK, so they weren’t Dad-level clean, but they were much better than before.

I know I am not the only one to rely on their parents to wash my items of clothing. Research carried out by leading home appliance company Beko (who made my own washing machine, actually) – termed ‘Laundrette of Mum and Dad’ – shows that a whopping 70% of adults have used their parents’ washing machine (guilty), and 35% of us apparently wish our parents still did our washing for us. Amazingly, 18% of us have even travelled up to 2 hours to get our mum and dad to do our laundry!

Yes, I am happy to admit that I have made that journey in pursuit of clean trainers.

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On average, people in the UK stop using their parents’washing machine at the age of 23, with one in ten admitting that they don’t think they’ll ever stop relying on the ‘launderette of mum and dad’. It seems that lack of time and worrying about wrecking the laundry are the two biggest reasons that we’re still not confident in our laundry abilities.

I’d like to say I’m shocked at the statistics, but really, I totally get it. I don’t live near my parents now, but when we used to live next door to each other it was always such a treat to have my mum wash my clothes. I don’t know how but she’s just so much better at the whole process than me – washing, drying, folding. I miss it!

I’d love to know if you’re still visiting the launderette of mum and dad in your adult years: let’s all confess!


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