An Update On My Bed And All Those Feelings

68447950543711e3a1b60e9511671a79_8A preview of the new boudoir

I bet you’re all wondering how I got on with my bed, case right? You remember, the bed that I was so bloody proud of procuring and refurbishing myself (GIRL POWER). The bed that replaced the old one that represented my marriage and I near enough had a breakdown over when it got carted off to the tip?

Yeah – that bed.

Argos were a total lifesaver when they heard of my emotional plight over my bed and offered to send me a mattress to trial in my new bedframe. I’ve only ever bought mattresses from IKEA before so I gladly accepted as their sizes are all wonky and European and my new bed, it’s one of those standard double jobs. So I gratefully accepted and eagerly awaited its arrival.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 14.28.51

Simple, you’d think, except apparently when I’m excited I am unable to read emails properly. The mattress would be coming on Tuesday, yes, but the Tuesday after I expected it. But I didn’t discover this until I’d dismantled my old bed… oops. So I spent an interesting week Glamping (and by ‘Glamping’ I mean sleeping on the floor on my old mattress. More fun than you’d expect but I did worry about spiders).

When it did arrive I was very impressed. The mattress is covered in some sort of soft layer that means you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. It’s not too hard and not too soft and the bounce factor is perfect – for Elfie to jump on, nothing else! Minds out of the gutter please. It was really reasonably priced, too, at £189.99 on offer for less than half price. I’d definitely shop for an Argos for a mattress again and if you’re in the market for one take a look: Argos have a huge mattress selection available here.

OK, so it’s not a king size like my old bed was but as it’s only me I really don’t need all that space anymore.. though Elfie likes to come creeping in at around 3am and that girl can starfish like nothing you’ve ever seen before. But most importantly I sleep like a log in my new bed, whether it’s the awesome mattress, fairy lights or attitude change I don’t know. It’s a happy place for me once again and I can safely say that I love love love it. Is it bedtime yet?

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  1. Steph - I'm Counting UFOs wrote:

    Nice one! There is nothing quite like a brand new mattress.

    I am sure it will get plenty of bouncing action in good time… from Elfie of course.


    Posted 11.25.13 Reply