An Olympics Ticket Appeal For Kirsty

Do you remember my best friend Kirsty? She of ‘Happy Birthday, David!’ fame and my turning 26 celebrations last year? Kirsty was the first friend I made when I moved to London 6 years ago and is a non-stop source of laughs, love and fun. She helped me get my last job and has had a huge impact on my life. In a nutshell she’s a wonderful, thoughtful, kind, hilarious human being. Everyone needs a friend like Kirsty in their lives.

Kirsty is currently living it up in New York for a year which is great because I get to experience adventures vicariously through her but not so great because I can only see her on Skype. She’s still a total Londoner though and rushed to sign up for Olympics tickets when registration first opened. She’s been excited about the games for YEARS – she’s flying home specially – but has just found out that she needs to have a small operation on 8th August and it clashes with all her tickets. Big bummer.

Kirsty is heartbroken that she might not be able to use her tickets that were so longed for, she got up at 5am and spent over £400 on them, and I’m heartbroken for her potentially missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

She sent an email to me last week asking if I might know someone who might like to swap tickets for her events. I thought I’d go one better and see if I could use my blog to spread the word.

Kirsty’s op is on the 8th August and the tickets she has are for Athletics (8th August, 10am) and Women’s Basketball (9th August, 9pm). She has a pair of tickets to each.

If anyone has tickets they might fancy swapping on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th August then please EMAIL ME.  It would mean the world to me and my BFF if she got to go to The Games, and would help me make her happy after she’s been such a wonderful friend to me over the years.

Please spread the word – and thank-you!

PS: Hola! We’ve been on a family trip to Madrid. Normal service will resume shortly.

  1. Happy birthday… And lucky you, I always longed for a summer birthday. I was feeling all bah humbug about the Olympics when tickets went on sale, but good luck with the swap-shop, nice idea!

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