An Advent For Alice

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Why should kids get all the fun at Advent, eh?

My two look forward to the season with genuine glee – the thought of a chocolate-filled calendar filling their every waking minute the week – no, the month – before. We’re only on the 24th November and already I have fielded two, yes TWO tantrums because I haven’t allowed my four year old to break out all the chocolate from his Christmas countdown (wisely it’s now hidden in the ironing cupboard).

But what’s in it for me? As a grown-up who’s not too keen on chocolate (I know, weird right?) I look forward to the period with slightly less excitement. I’d love a beauty calendar from Liberty but it seems ridiculous to spend hundreds on one in the most expensive month of the year, and all the ones of slightly more sensible value sell out in a hot minute. As such, advent’s always been a bit of a bore for this grown-up.


This year I came up with an idea. I didn’t need to buy an expensive advent calendar to have a good countdown myself, I could make my own! Not a calendar you understand – I don’t have the craft skills for that – but a list of things I’m going to do from 1st December – 25th December to be good to myself. It’s going to be super special because it’s completely tailored to me and the things I love, and will ensure I do at least one thing just for me every day in December. It’s such a good idea I’m thinking of extending it past advent into the rest of the year!

I thought long and hard about the gifts I’ll be buying or the activities I’ll be carrying out in this time. Surprise surprise, loads of them revolve around food or pampering. Which means it doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise, either. I popped along to my local Boots to pick up supplies; with their current 3 for 2 gift promotion you can pick yourself up some gorgeous goods for not much cash. I spent £30 on my month of pampering, much better than a Liberty calendar that’ll run you into the hundreds!


Here’s how my December’s shaping up: I am way more excited for this than a santa-shaped piece of Dairy Milk ;)…

  1. Take a long bubble bath – the first and easiest. I will take a long hot bubble bath with a book – no phones allowed – for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Have my favourite breakfast – avocado and poached eggs on toast. Yum.
  3. Enjoy a cup of tea – I drink LOADS of tea, but it’s very rare I sit and enjoy it. I promise to take ten minutes out with my cup of tea to do nothing but stare out of the window.
  4. Order a takeaway – who doesn’t love not having to cook?!
  5. Paint my nails – my favourite thing to do when I have a spare hour. I’ll make sure I have gorgeously painted nails on 5th December
  6. Have an early night – no excuses, I will go to bed before 10pm
  7. Buy myself some flowers – because I don’t need a man to buy me flowers ;)
  8. Read a book in my lunch hour – I never do this because I’m too busy working! I miss books…
  9. Take another long bubble bath – I reckon I need at least one of these a week.
  10. Burn a completely decadent scented candle – during the day if possible! The uplifting Champneys one I bought from Boots is perfect
  11. Take the kids out for Sunday lunch at a lovely pub – yum
  12. Enjoy the jacuzzi at the gym – because why not, eh? I need at least 30 minutes in the jacuzzi
  13. Buy myself a Christmas present – probably from ASOS. Go on ;)
  14. Have a dinner of party food – the best thing about December? M&S party food! It feels so naughty to eat it for dinner!
  15. Nibble on my favourite treats – probably Haribo, maybe Tyrrells crisps. Either way, do it!
  16. Meditate for 10 minutes – I’m moving house on 16th so I think this will be all I manage
  17. Go to the pub – I hardly ever go to the pub, it’s about time I started
  18. Have a long bubble bath – there’s a theme here…
  19. Paint my nails – your old ones will be all chipped by now!
  20. Buy a magazine and read it cover to cover. With the phone on silent – such a treat
  21. Get a blow dry – for those pre-Christmas celebrations
  22. Take an afternoon nap – it’s my work Christmas lunch, I’ll deserve a post-food nap!
  23. Buy a very expensive bottle of wine – again, this never happens
  24. Take one last long bubble bath – aaaand relax.


How would you treat yourself over Advent? Don’t let those kids have all the fun!

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  1. Susan Judge-Talbot wrote:

    I like this idea….. am going to be super busy in December so am I allowed to do January?

    Posted 11.24.16 Reply
  2. Katy wrote:

    Did you manage all your advent wishes? :)

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply