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All Change

There’s a bit of admin to discuss here today – it’ll probably be a bit boring so feel to move right along if you’re not interested in ads, design or navigation!

More Than Toast has had the same layout for a whole year so I decided it was time to spruce things up a bit. Plus, as I add more and more content I wanted to make it easier for you to navigate and having three columns rather than two makes this easier. If you subscribe via email or RSS please click on through to have a look and tell me what you think! And big love to Yellow and Savvy design who rock, as always.

I’ve removed some categories that weren’t being used and tightened things up a bit to make my archives easier to read; you can now search via the image buttons on the right hand side. Otherwise there’s a helpful little search box that you can also use. In addition, you can search my recipes by browsing via the option on the top navigation bar.

I’ve hosted sponsored posts on here for a while and I always try to pick clients that are relevant to my blog and hope they aren’t too intrusive. Because Mama needs her pocket money for shoes and Sauv Blanc (and because people keep asking) I’ve decided to open up the sidebar to sponsors, too. Again I want to only work with relevant companies who my readers will find interesting: mothers, baby and grown-up clothing, jewellery, houseware, wine… All ads will last 30 days: a large 250 x 220 button will cost £30 as an introductory price and a smaller 180 x 220 button will cost £20. Please email me to order, to request a media kit or to find out more.

Finally, a huge big THANKS to everyone who reads, comments, tweets and emails me. I am amazed every single day that people like to read what I write and I so love to get feedback from you all. MWAH.

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