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After Big Savings On Your Airport Parking? Read This!
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A trip’s planning and expenses overwhelm everyone. Whether you are planning a business or a leisure trip, you know by now that it never ends at booking your hotel or your Liverpool airport taxi, as there are a lot of logistics and hidden expenses we are all faced with throughout our trip. Airport parking is expensive, but many travellers need that kind of service for one reason or another. If you are one of them, here are some tips that will help you save a good amount of money the next time you park your car at the airport.

1.    Book In Advance

It is the same idea like booking flights, concerts, or theme park tickets; the earlier you book, the cheaper and better opportunities you will find. So, next time, as soon as you book your flight tickets, look for the most convenient and safe car parking lots at the airport. Early booking before airport arrival can save you more than 25% of the drive-up rate. In high seasons especially, car parking rates can increase drastically.

2.    Research and Compare Prices

Check your “official” airport rate, and consider it as a benchmark price for your research. Now, compare airport parking prices to other websites online. Most reliable websites will have the same prices and even better promotions. Additionally, they will also provide you with a comparison to near-airport parking, which can be far cheaper and include shuttle-bus transportation back and forth from your terminal.

3.    Choose Your Airport

If you have the luxury to choose which airport to fly from in your city, then immediately decide on the smaller one, because the main airports will charge higher parking rates. Keep in mind that car parking is how airports make revenue besides their huge airline fees. Since Uber and similar companies have been an integral part of our lives, most passengers are not parking their cars at airports anymore, which has pushed airports to win passengers back through offering deals and loyalty card programs for frequent travellers. So look for what can suit you in different airports around you.

4.    Credit-Card Deals with Airport

Check your credit card company; some will offer you airport parking promotions or triple rewards on every dollar you will be spending at the airport, which can be beneficial for you later on in your trip.

5.    Follow Airports on Social Media

Follow airports you usually travel from on your social media applications like Instagram and Facebook. Most of them will offer promotional discounts, such as free parking for the first 1,000 cars for the Christmas holidays, or share a post and tag 3 friends and get a free day parking. They will come in handy someday, cutting down on trip expenses.

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Always keep in mind the impact of saving any amount of cash at each and every stage of your trip, as it will help you enjoy your trip. To save up some money on your airport car parking, online pre-booking is your best option. It is always cheaper than reaching the airport and then deciding where to leave your car. Moreover, it will help you determine in advance the safest place to park your car based on online customer reviews.


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