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A Short Break From Blogging

A Short Break From Blogging

Kind of. And not because I want to take a break. I’m in a technological rehab.

I’m not here because my beloved iMc was taken in to the mac shop for a small display repair early last week and the nice lady who told me it’d be looked at immediately and fixed in 3-4 days was fibbing. Not to sound like a typical whiny ‘I’m lost without my computer’ type of person but I really am lost without my computer. Writing on an iPad is not easy (why does everything get autocorrected in a strange way?) and my husbands laptop just feels too weird. I don’t even want to attempt to insert images or anything as fancy as that. I have a big gaping hole in my heart and on my desk, no tv, no music! I’m having to resort to old fashioned activities like reading books and watching the TV on the TV.

Its a good thing we have computer non-compatable plans this weekend. Or there would have been real trouble, Mrs fibbing Mac lady.

In the meantime, I was absolutely delighted to discover yesterday that’s have been short listed for a Brilliance In Blogging award in the ‘Tasty’ category (I expect this refers to my foodie slant on my blog but who knows…). There are so many amazing bloggers being recognised in the awards so I recommend taking a look and voting for me– you don’t have to sign up to anything and you can vote in as few as one categories if you wish (mine is the second). Thank you so much for everyone who nominated me, I really am touched!

I’ll see you on the other side.

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