A Self-Involved Moan.

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

I am so sick.

Sick of waking up every morning at 6am because I can’t breathe through my nose and my sinuses are screaming.

Sick of constantly worrying that the baby isn’t OK, that something bad will happen and it will all go wrong.

Sick of worrying that nobody will want to hire me freelance and I will have to go back to working in an office full time.

Sick of trying so so hard to organize our finances yet 7 year old bills coming back to ruin my week and make me feel like a naughty immature bad-with-money teenager.

Sick of caring that my thighs are getting bigger and I can see the beginnings of cellulite. It shouldn’t, and doesn’t, matter.

Sick of being tired.

And very very sick that I’m not able to make everything seem better with a couple of glasses of wine.

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  1. muddlingalongmummy wrote:

    Oh sweetheart, it will get better – this will pass

    And you'll be able to have a couple of glasses of wine very soon (you could have a small one now if you really fancied it …)

    Pregnancy was a horrid process for me – I felt as if I'd been taken over my an alien who was sucking my vitality out of me, but it passed and I now have two lovely small girls

    Sending virtual hugs

    Posted 3.26.10 Reply
    • aliceharold wrote:

      Thank you so much – I am feeling tons better today, I think yesterday was just 'one of those days' when everything snowballed!

      Posted 3.26.10 Reply
  2. notesredshoes wrote:

    Hey girl! What use is a blog if you cannot have a self-involved moan.
    On Wednesday, let's say hello, and then have a good moan and laugh to together.
    Hell, I think we can have a glass of champagne just to celebrate being pregnant!!!!

    Posted 3.28.10 Reply
    • aliceharold wrote:

      I LIKE the sound of that!! Bubbles make everything better xxxxx

      Posted 3.29.10 Reply