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A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 30-35

A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 30-35

This weather is really messing with my ability to get dressed in the morning. Cold days = fine. Hot days = lovely. Weird non-cold, rainy and changeable days = impossible. Plus it’s getting harder and harder to dress the bump in anything that isn’t lycra and leggings are fast becoming my new best friend. Being pregnant with Elfie was a lot easier as she didn’t come til July and we had a lovely balmy spring, I remember wearing lots of skirts, dresses and flipflops and was SO comfy.


1. Dress – Untold, Leggings – eBay, hoodie – Topshop and TK Maxx flats. 2. Stripey top – Ralph Lauren, Shirt – Primark, Skirt – New Look and Havaianas.  


3. Stripy top – Gap, jersey skirt – ASOS, leopard print cardigan – Primark and Havaianas. 4. Primark dress, jersey miniskirt – H&M, hoodie – Topshop and Havaianas. 

Hoodies are brilliant. When it’s a bit too cold for cardigans (i.e. 80% of the time) I’ve been doing the rudeboy thing of tying them up at the top by their hood strings. Yeeeeehhhh.


5. Stripy top – H&M, dress underneath – American Apparel, Leggings – eBay. 6. Dress – Untold, Leggings – eBay, leopard print cardigan – Primark, linen jacket – TopShop. 

Apparently I can’t get enough stripes, but I think this is mostly because most of my stripy tops are stretchy and comfy and make me look pregnant rather than whale-like. My favourite at the moment is a fine knit one from GAP (sale, as per) and I’ve even mixed it up by buying one with pink stripes.

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7. Stripy top – GAP, Linen Jacket – TopShop, maternity jeans – H&M, Primark flats. 8. Silk top – GAP, vest underneath – C&C California, Hoodie – GAP, maternity jeans – H&M, Primark flats. 

We’re going to a wedding this weekend and I’ve bought a new (non-maternity) dress, but with my bump growing as quickly as it is (and weirdly moving up and down, I guess as the baby starts to engage and then moves again) I’m really hoping I will be able to squeeze into it still. If not I will be back to the GAP lycra dress of dreams but whatever happens I am adamant I’ll be wearing heels or wedges; funnily enough, both last worn at the last wedding we went to, the day of which baby number 2 was conceived. The shoes of procreation!

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  • I think you look cute in all of this. Love a good stripe! And actually did a real life snigger at “the shoes of procreation.” NICE.

    • Weirdly I read an article yesterday about how horizontal stripes are apparently a big no-no during pregnancy??! WEIRD.

  • I have to say that tights and leggings with dresses/long tops have always been a staple item so I am now finding that I have only bought maternity leggings throughout this pregnancy although my sister in law did say to me the other day that she always avoided wearing leggings as she would balloon…not sure if she was saying that I’m already a massive fattie!

    Do love all the many weeks are you now?xx

    • Just about 36 weeks now… And I’m at the stage now when the seams on my leggings leave imprints on my legs! xx

      • How exciting! Will be 30 on Saturday – am really willing the weeks along. Lol at imprints – have noticed that myself yet maternity leggings are still bit baggy over the bumpage! Think I should start walking a lot more as opposed to biking to slim legs down :/ xx

  • I know exactly what you mean about the weird inbetweeny days… as a result of it sort of being nice but not quite, today I’ve ended up struggling into pre-maternity tights and dress that are both quite frankly uncomfortable (and that was after an outfit change!). And, because of the growing bump the dress is doing all sorts of funny things resulting in the lining showing and it generally being indecently short – time for the bag of ‘when I’ve lost the baby weight’ destiny for this little number!

    Have you got any good maternity skinny jeans – I’m currently on the hunt xx

    • I love now how my dresses are all miles shorter at the front than at the back because of the bump! For maternity jeans H&M have been lifesavers!! Much better than my Topshop ones xx

  • I wish I had your pregnancy style! I just look a mess most of the time and maternity tops don’t even seem to cover the bump anymore!

    • Now I’m a bit further along and am way more uncomfy its harder and harder to not wear tracksuit bottoms all the time – my maternity vests don’t cover the bump anymore either!

  • You look so lovely in all of these! Although I think you need to amend your twitter bio re leggings. (I only noticed bcs I’m a leggings wearer n proud.) xx

    • Thanks Caroline! I did amend it about 2 months ago when I became a proud leggings wearer (the crazy pairs you can get off eBay reignited my love for them ;). Am still never going to wear crocs though xx

  • Yes I agree with Cazza… I always feel old when I read your twitter bio. But I promise my crocs are just for the garden. I made the father of my children promise to shoot me if I ever set foot out of the house in them.

    • I have a secret: I have a green pair that my mum bought for me the last time I was pregnant. I’m a big shoe fraud! I have never worn them out the house though ; )

  • You have loads of great pregnancy outfits. I am trying to wear as many different outfits as possible but getting so bored of the lack of variety. I am seriously missing my proper clothes and going shopping! My biggest problem now is that leggings are the only thing that are really comfy trouser-wise but I am running out of tops which are long enough to cover my bum. As my bump gets bigger my tops seem to get shorter.

    • Ooh I’m the same! I do have one jersey fitted dress which I have been using as a long top, as it is seemingly an indecent length to wear without leggings!, which was from Republic from ages ago. Have had a look and they do seem to have quite a few similar ones in there for about £20.x

    • I’m also running out of options of things that are comfy, especially with this bloody weather! If I could only wear skirts my options would be hugely increased, grrrr.

  • Love that you can still be a fashionista at this late stage in the game. I remember that bu week 35 all I was wearing was maternity trakkie pants and my dressing gown. You still look so stylish!

    K xx

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