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A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 23-30

A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 23-30

It’s finally happened: I have broken the stone-in-weight-gain barrier. Which means my beloved Uniqlo skinny jeans have been relegated to the bottom drawer of my dresser, not to be seen again until May (although lets face it, probably at least August) and I am well into the world of lycra and beautiful beautiful jersey. I’m finding it more difficult to dress for this pregnancy than the last as I spend so much time at home or running errands. Last time I had a regular occasion – work – to be dressing for which made it easier to not slob around in my dressing gown all day (bedclothes being frowned upon in an office). This time there is far less motivation to get out of my PJs but I’m trying, I’m really really trying. Before midday at least.

Here’s a selection of things I’ve worn, weeks 23-30:


Errand outfits: 1. Oversize jumper, House of Holland, eBay dress and Converse. 2. Zara dress over American Apparel low-rise leggings, TK Maxx jacket and GAP flats. 

The last 7 weeks have seen more dresses, more tights and a bit of an epiphany. My old faithful Topshop maternity jeans (the kind with a small bump band at the waistband) had began falling down and tugging them up every five minutes was becoming uncomfortable, not to mention annoying. So I asked Twitter’s opinion on the best maternity jeans out there and had so many recommendations to visit H&M. The Twitter ladies (and one man) were completely right; the jeans were so comfortable that when I tried them on in the shop I removed my old Topshop Leighs and wore the H&M version home. The bump band stretches up to the top of my tummy which is not irritating as I anticipated but instead is extremely supportive. They’re nice and long and at around £25 were particularly good value; I’m already considering a third child just so I’ll get a bit more wear out of them (HAH!).


3. A slob day at home in a non-maternity shirt from Therapy over a Topshop maternity vest, Topshop Leigh jeans, Topshop stripy cardigan and slippers. 4. a 70th birthday party in a Zara dress with GAP short-sleeve jumper over, H&M blazer, Topshop handbag and M&S boots. 

On the recommendation of the previously pregnant ladies of Twitter I also bought some H&M maternity leggings which again get full marks for comfort and supportiveness.


5. The standard slob outfit: a Ralph Lauren Breton striped tee over an American Apparel dress and hoodie with Topshop Leigh jeans and Converse. 6. More errand running in a Topshop maternity denim shirt, M&S blazer, eBay leggings and TK Maxx flats. 

Because I’m getting a bit bored of the constant rotation of 3 pairs of maternity jeans and a pair of black leggings, last month I also bought some crazier leggings in a larger size than normal off eBay. They’re all low-rise so they fit nicely under the bump, and they make my outfits a bit more interesting than if I were just wearing denim. Plus I’m hoping they’ll see me through the summer when my legs will be a bit paler and wobblier than I’d like.


7. More slobbing in stripes with a £50% off GAP top, Topshop hoodie, new H&M maternity skinny jeans and Converse. 8. Dinner with Kaisa and husband in the GAP lycra dress of dreams and a Topshop necklace. 

I’m a big fan of the GAP 50% sale and always set aside time and funds for me and Elfie to have a good shop there for some basics. This season has been no different and I’ve purchased a couple of comfy tops in a size up to accommodate the bump as well as a lovely full-length black dress with a generous amount of lycra that’ll see me for a wedding I’m going to at 36 weeks. This dress is amazing: it smooths over any lumps and bumps and clings to the tummy, I am in love with it. It’s available online at full price but I got it for £20 in my local branch of GAP.

Aside from the jeans and leggings, I haven’t bought any more clothes from a maternity range in the last 7 weeks. I look at them, probably weekly, but I just can’t find any that I think are flattering and non-frumpy. I haven’t checked out brands such as Isabella Oliver because I can’t justify that sort of money on clothes I will be wearing only for a few months, but for now I’m still quite happy with buying clothes a size up and layering them over my Topshop and Mamas and Papas maternity vests.

Dressing the football under your shirt, it’s not easy.

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    • Thank-you! I can’t believe it isn’t actually a maternity item. It’s so lovely and stretchy (and forgiving!)

  • You look fab! I was the ultimate cheapskate and lasted out the whole
    of my pregnancy with two maternity dresses, two maternity tops, and a couple of those bump bands worn with my normal tops. Much easier to do this when you are heavily pregnant over summer, not sure I would have had so much luck in winter! I also found those ‘bump belt’ things extremely useful for adapting my non-maternity wear jeans and shorts.

    • I’m a cheapskate too- just hate the idea of buying clothes for such a short period of time, which is why most of the stuff I buy is non-maternity. Good excuse ;)

  • Hi Alice
    Thank you for another fabulous maternity fashion post :) I’m interested to hear you thoughts on the H&M mat jeans. I bought the topshop Baxters at the beginning of my pregnancy (I grew out of my regular skinnies much quicker than you!) and I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed. They are comfy but they cling in all the wrong places and the elastic waist band keeps rolling down. I’ve kinda given up on them. Which branch of H&M did you get your mat jeans from?
    Juliet x

    • Hi Juliet! I completely agree with you about the Baxter maternity jeans. They seemed to fit OK at the beginning but just don’t look good anymore. I would definitely recommend you try the H&M ones (they are so much cheaper too!), I’m not sure if they only stock them at the larger stores. Mine were from the Milton Keynes branch and they had an OK selection there. I found my usual pre-pregnancy size fit the best (10), I’m probably more of a 12 now but I’m not sure if they are cut slightly bigger. Would love to know how you get on! xx

  • I love your maternity wardrobe! I am seemingly trying to get through without buying too much maternity bits (other than funky leggings/tights). One of the girls here did go to H&M for maternity jeans and came in to show how very long they were too although she was only about 5’6 whereas I’m 5’11 so not sure if they’d be long enough. I do like the full bump coverage too so will have to have a look at these jeans. I am loving jersey material although trying to find a few more longline tops that cover bump and also bum as I have had comments before that I need to start wearing longer dresses at work! I may invest in some bump bands and just wear them lower possibly..

    Oh that was a lot of rambling!xx

  • I love reading your blog…I actually feel like you are reading my mind at times!! I’m also pregnant with my second (due beginning August) and managed to get the Gap ‘dress of dreams’ for a dreamy £9.99 at the end of the sale (love a bargain!)…desperate to wear it now but not sure about footwear??…what have you been wearing it with?! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and hope the labour/birth all goes well xx

    • Ahhh so pleased you snagged the dress! It’s so comfortable, I will be wearing it tomorrow night.

      Footwear = tricky one. I wore it once with sandal wedges (these ones from comptoir des cotonottiers last year and have also worn it with flat ballet pumps. I plan on wearing the dress for a do tomorrow evening, probably with low-heeled boots thanks to all this bloody rain we’ve been having! xx

  • You look so gorgeous – and I doubt that your legs will be getting wobbly. You’ll be pounding the pavements with a stroller soon anyway, so any imaginary wobbliness will disappear in no time.
    I am banning one piece of clothing after the other from my wardrobe. Hard to imagine that I’ll be sporting a proper bump, too, in very little time. Shall go to Topshop, too.

    • Thanks Deb! Weirdly enough I can’t wait to exercise, a very unusual feeling. I can’t wait to see how you will dress your bump – beautifully, no doubt! xx

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