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This post originally appeared at my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk.

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? It seems that my disappearance from the internet coincided with starting work. Nothing too serious – just freelance and working from home – but boy is it tough to work a day a week with a baby in tow! Squeezing it in between naps, housework, husband, cooking… working takes up every single spare moment and I have to admit, Elfie has watched more Baby TV than I’d like recently.

We have also had some big big life changes. There was further success in operation Move Back Down South; Will was offered a job to work for a DJ Agency, full time in London. So within a week we were staying in my parent’s house in Buckinghamshire, in three weeks we had moved most of our life to their granny annexe at the bottom of their garden. This week our house in Nottingham went on the market. The operation is well underway.

(As a side note, if anyone would like to buy a lovely three bedroom house in Nottingham, you know where I am)

Living in ‘the shed’ as it’s known – it’s a wood-cladded chalet-style place – is a challenge, we have an open-plan kitchen/dining area, a small shower room and a bedroom. Elfie shares our room and we are employing some pretty inspired storage solutions for all our stuff though all our furniture is still in Nottingham.

I’ve also dipped my toe back into the world of work. Not freelance work, but proper office work. I miss the buzz of my job so much, and while we have my mum able to look after Elfie it seemed to make sense that I would go back into London for work. I’ve interviewed down to the final two for a couple of positions, and last week was successful for a freelance project for IKEA. I worked a three days last week, and what that taught me is that there is no way I can leave Elfie full time to work. Which is almost a shame as I was asked to go an interview at Net-A- Porter, AKA heaven. A year ago this would have been my dream job but I turned it down and after I’ve worked my time on the IKEA project I will attempt to work a two or three day week. I need work, but I need Elfie more!

So that’s pretty much it – apart from the constant worrying about whether to remain in the home counties or move back to London.

What’s happening in blogland – what did I miss?

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  1. Bryony wrote:

    We are in a similar position to you with wondering where to live. One week London sounds do-able then the next week I have a tough day with Frankie and I can’t imagine living anywhere but here – with my parents round the corner and the seriously baby-friendly shopping/lunch so close by. I hope you come to a happy decision soon with work and home! I can totally relate with how tough it is!
    B x

    Posted 3.15.11 Reply
  2. You didn’t miss much. We are all still here, all still pottering along, all happy about spring to finally have arrived.
    Give me a shout once you are back in our lovely and wonderful city. Would love to get together over a coffee and see your gorgeous baby girl! xx
    PS: I so hear you on wanting to work but not being able to separate from your daughter full time. It’s hard!

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply