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A Letter To Booze

A Letter To Booze


Dear Booze,

We’ve known each other a long time now, going on ten years. Our relationship has had its ups and downs – that brief love affair with espresso martinis was pretty special – but something’s got to change. It’s too intense.

Remember the good old days? The fun we had a couple of days a week in the pub at work, the champagne on a Saturday night, the odd glass of Malbec with my steak at Gaucho? On the whole those days were awesome, with the exception of that time Sambucca made me throw up in the sink at work.

But I forgave you, we got past it.


We’ve had a different kind of relationship in the last two years haven’t we, booze my friend? We meet less at the pub as you now come directly to my house. Sometimes via The Co-Op or Tesco, often via The Wine Society or the posh wine shop down the road. This way we can say that our relationship is a bit special, it’s fancier if you spend more than six quid on a bottle. Nevertheless you still give me a fuzzy head, posh or not.

Recently I’ve noticed new things about my relationship with you. We turn to prosecco for celebrations, red wine for sad times. Cocktails for a special weekend. You always seem to be hanging around and it’s starting to make me uneasy. I don’t want to rely on you to celebrate or perk me up and it’s pretty hard to parent on a hangover. I’ll be honest: I’m tired of you. I’m fed up of going a bit cuckoo after a particularly potent Dirty Martini and rather like it when I don’t wake up with gaps in my memory after a big night out.

We need to go on a break.

I’m not ending things, not at all. I still see plenty of lazy Sunday lunches with a glass of red ahead of us and the odd summer evening with a crisp Marlborough Savignon. But something’s got to give, I’m way too reliant on your seductive charms.



We will be spending some time apart- I’m asking you to leave me alone until October 20th. I need to re-evaluate my life without you and work out where we’re going from here. We won’t have the same relationship going forward: I’m getting older, I’m more tired than I used to be. I have other priorities now which mean I just don’t have enough time for you.

I won’t be lonely, though, don’t you worry about me. I have my good friend Tap Water on hand, and for those special days I will reach for Appletiser. They’ve seen me through two pregnancies so you know they will look after me well.

I will probably miss you my old pal, so please believe me when I say it’s not you, it’s me.

See you in 20 days!

Love and cheers,
Alice xxx



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  • Love the photos, I have so many almost identical ones, including one in the vodka ice bar! I should probably do the same, but I’m not quite ready to spend some time apart from my good friend ‘wine’ just yet…but massive good luck, take it you have a Big Night Out organised on the 20th to celebrate your achievement?!

    • Ahh that Ice bar! Had a great time there with my husband a few years ago.

      There is a coincidental big night out on the 20th but I reckon I will try to be teetotal afterwards! Erm, no promises though… x

  • Good old Booze WILL understand. He/She/It will be there, waiting like a beg-friend come October 20th, and will welcome you back with open arms. Don’t you worry about Booze.

    By the way, your boobs look epic in the last pic. I am *jealous*.

  • I had 2 glasses of red wine last night while out and everyone at work today was saying how “tired” I looked :| It’s definitely time to stick to half a glass at a time :)

    • Urgh, that’s my pet peeve when people tell me I look tired. No good can ever come of telling anyone they look tired!

  • Yes been there. Maybe not quite the same as you, but I felt I was getting a bit too dependent on booze, (using it as a crutch to cope with the chaos of raising three young kids) so gave it up several months ago. Still think about it every now and again, but had to move on. Glad I made the decision : )

    • That’s exactly it, I’ve become a little too reliant on my 7pm sit on the sofa with a glass of wine routine. I’m looking forward to having a bit more clarity!

  • Yep I hear ya sister!! Doing something similar here after realising I have put weight on, am v tired and…oh the list goes on!! Anyway, good luck and Iechyd Da to the 20th as we say in Wales!x

  • I take a hiatus each year from drinking, more for the benefits of weight loss but it really makes you feel better. Proud of you!

  • Even the thought of ‘taking a break’ for 20 days is quite scary…..hmmm, maybe I have something to deal with here! Sounds like 20th October is going to be a heavy night (it’s my birthday so have one for me!!)

  • I noticed your glass of wine in hand at Elfie’s bathtime the other week and actually thought…that’s a little scary! It just seemed an odd pic (to me). I drank oodles (mainly pints of beer and GnT and Baileys, oh and port and lots of other tipples -though wine was never a real favorite!)before the kids and I’m pretty sure I will increase my alcoholic intake at a different stage in my life (when we get to party and socialise more and can be a couple again) but it’s just not right for me now. I have the odd one at home but not that often. I didn’t miss it that much during pregnancy (while everyone else moaned). I waited soooo long to get my bump nothing else seemed important. I notice lots of people bang on about alcohol and wine on an almost daily basis which is cool for them – just not for me. I also have friends with VERY unhealthy (bordering on alcoholic)relationships with booze which are enough to put you off – especially as I’ve seen their children suffer and be affected by it. I still love the many varied forms – I just don’t get having it every day – a glass a day becomes 2 a day becomes a bottle a day??? Not for me thanks but a glass of something nice every now & then (once a week / fortnight) – ALWAYS 1 or 2 on a rare night out with hubby(5 or 6 if I’m with the girls!).On that note even though I quite fancy a Baileys now I’ll have to settle for a hot milk & bed xx

  • I feel the same way! My main reason is that I just don’t sleep as well after a few glasses of red.. and I need my sleep!
    The Greek God(zilla) has decided to quit for the whole of October, which means I will end up not drinking too without having to make it official, thus not feeling guilty if I accidentally slip at a bday party next week…

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