A Family Wedding

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have so many people tell you how perfect your child is at an occasion like a wedding.

Will’s little sister got married last friday and it was an extra special occasion as he was walking her down the aisle. Elfie had a bit of a terrified moment with all the applause at the speeches (although I think her tears were because she’d just seen a preview of what her future wedding day speech will be like) but spent the rest of the day happy and content.

She obviously looked beautiful (she was wearing a gorgeous bubble dress by Their Nibs from Felix and Lilys in Camden Passage, N1). Her behaviour was very good considering the long day; we got up at 5.30am and her grandparents took her back to our hotel at 11pm so mummy and daddy could enjoy the wedding DJ and drink shots of Elderflower Vodka.

One woman said to me ‘your baby makes my womb hurt’. Er, thanks.

Elfie slept through all the boring bits and woke up just as the ceremony started. She belched halfway through… that’s my girl.

She fell asleep mid-wedding disco but was woken up by the first dance. I put her in the BabyBjorn and danced her back off to sleep (I now have thighs of steel from all the bouncing in high heels).

We made our way back to our hotel at Shoreditch House for 1am, but stopped off for a nightcap of prosecco and cocktails first. Impressively I was up with baby the next morning for a rooftop swim (she did not like it). I am wearing my glasses here because Will drank my contacts the night before.

I haven’t let him forget about it since.

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