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Sometimes – I guess at least once a day which makes it often, really – my breath catches in my chest when I catch a glimpse of my kids and I realise just how brilliant they are. You know that lovely Roald Dahl quote about sunbeams shining out of faces? That’s what my children are like. I don’t know if it’s the innocence of being young but they radiate happiness, peace and fun. They have sunbeams shining out of their faces and when they look at me they make me feel happy.

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Even on those nights when Elfie refuses to go to bed because she is 3 going on 16 and she wants to stay up late watching Mummy’s programmes (Come Dine With Me, The Real Housewives…) and the mealtimes when Hux gets so distracted by anything but his food and then is so overstimulated (A BALLOOOOON! OMG OMG) that his head near enough implodes, they’re still the best children I’ve ever met.


a39efe44074311e3820422000a1f97b5_7 0913cd78071611e3a7ab22000a1f97eb_7 637cca30f96511e29c2822000a1fbe4c_7Elfie has this new trick: she’s learned that it’s possible for her to wake up at any point during the night and rather than just wailing for her mummy she know knows that she can get up out of bed and leave the room. Magical. Of course this means that more often than not I wake up at 5am with a sticky toddler hand in my face or a foot in my back, but any attempt to order her back to her own bed is met with “oh mummy, I missed you, I want to cuddle you”.

Oh go on then, you little sleep disturber :)


Hux has always been the most brilliant baby (he slept til 9am the other day. 9AM!!!) so any obtuse behaviour coming from him feels very odd. I always make an effort to not get too cross when he has a little off day as he did yesterday, he’s so perfect most of the time that a little whinging won’t kill me (no matter how much it felt like it did). Words this clever clogs says beautifully now include: Mama, Peppa (yep, blame his sister for that one), Nose, Papa, Dada, Nana and Balloon.




Oh, the cuteness of these two. Please don’t grow up.

OK, please do. But only because I could really do with those extra hours of sleep a night.

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  1. Mel Molloy wrote:

    Why do our own children do this to us?! Why?! They are just so darn cute. (I type this as one ia yelling maaaaaaaaama at me and the other painting her face with mud…)

    Posted 8.22.13 Reply
  2. Alex wrote:

    Nothing quite like a pure, unadulterated admission – no, celebration! – of love.

    They’re a credit to you.


    Posted 8.22.13 Reply
  3. Aww!!! They are just adorable!!!

    Posted 8.22.13 Reply
  4. Katie wrote:

    This is lovely Alice! They are pretty damn cute.

    Posted 8.22.13 Reply
  5. So so cute! I love your Dahl quotation here too. Exactly right.

    Posted 8.22.13 Reply
  6. HonestMum wrote:

    Oh loved this and laughed in recognition. Your babies are so beautiful, like their Mama. Well done lady xx

    Posted 8.22.13 Reply
  7. Jessica wrote:

    I am a newbie mum but totally agree with everything you just said! When I hear children laugh it warms my soul!

    Posted 8.24.13 Reply
  8. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous children. My favourite has to be the one of them watching the iPad together xxx

    Posted 8.24.13 Reply
  9. Sian wrote:

    Super cute photos! I love them all, but particularly the one with the swings <3

    Posted 8.27.13 Reply
  10. Lucia wrote:

    Beautiful indeed

    Posted 8.30.13 Reply