A Bit Stuck


Every time I sit down to write I get a bit stuck. A bit like I’ve forgotten how to write. Misery seemed to have fed my creativity quite well, and now I’m enjoying every little minute of life (fancy that!) the words have dried up. This is writers block, I suppose?

My mum, aka the childminder, is still laid up with her broken ribs after the accident so I’ve been on mummy duty 24/7, focussing on getting out each and every day with the babies. We’ve been discovering mum groups, parks, shops, kitchen dance parties, nursery rhymes. I haven’t done much work but the satisfaction I’ve felt seeing the children bloom and grow has been amazing. They are happy, very happy. They see their dad a couple of times a week and love the time they spend with him (also: I love my time off!). Being the only parent to deal with 5.30am wakeups, not so much, but it’s JUST A PHASE, JUST A PHASE.

Though I haven’t been writing as much I have been squirrelling away experiences and factoids to be brought out soon, when the dust has settled a bit. Like experiences from dates (dating is definitely the best thing about being single), the judgement I’ve felt from other women as a single mother (what about the sisterhood?!), the bad bits and the good bits of solo parenting. Spoiler: it is not as awful as you might think though I am not enjoying the feeling of being so skint.

So that’s me. Standby for some salacious tales coming your way in the next few weeks, and in the meantime go and have a read of my good friend Ruth’s new blog. It’s epic, you won’t regret it.


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  1. I love your writing and am looking forward to reading more of it! Glad to hear you are all happy – it sounds like the best possible outcome :)

    Posted 6.17.13 Reply
  2. If you need me to don my big f*ck off pants and go flick the ears of judgemental mothers just say the word ;)

    Posted 6.18.13 Reply
  3. Just give it time – you’ll get unstuck and then you’ll be back – in the meantime, shout if you need us

    Posted 6.18.13 Reply
  4. Laura Godfrey (@_g3) wrote:

    Single mother stigma is horrid. God forbid a lone parent that breaks the stereotype. Just concentrate on the good guys.

    Posted 6.18.13 Reply
  5. Judgemental re single motherhood? I bet you are a better role model to your kids than all those women who stick to an unhappy and unhealthy relationship just for the sake of it. It takes a lot of courage and strength to draw that final line.
    And re small kids and great projects: I have put mine on ice for now, because I had to admit that it’s just too much. And I am not even a single parent!! Don’t frustrate yourself by putting too much on your plate, lovely. I know you want to take over the world, and I am sure you will. Just take it a little bit easy and be kind to yourself :-) xxxxxxxxx

    Posted 6.24.13 Reply
  6. Tori wrote:

    Love, respect to you. I’m 5 weeks into 12 of solo parenting of two and I’m knackered and rather over it. You’re doing a great job, and you’ve been honest with yourself and your loved ones – the best example you can give to your children. No one has a right to pass judgement until they have been there, best instruct the haters to shove their Bugaboo chameleons (or is it donkey?) up their arses… just saying… :)

    Posted 6.27.13 Reply