A Bit About Elfie

Poor Elfie’s had a rough time of it lately. A tummy bug hit on Tuesday (following her telling me she was feeling “sad, mummy” all day Monday) so she spent the whole day on the sofa after being sick in my lap. And now she’s suffering with a cold, meaning she’s one of those kids with a really snotty nose. I have to say, wet sneezes all over my iPad have not been a highlight of the week.

Oh, germy winter, you’re a cruel beast.

She’s a total trooper though and is still doing jigsaws like nobody’s business, demanding her favourite pork products (Ham! Sausages!), scribbling her ‘name’ in all my Christmas cardsĀ and calling people on my phone without my knowledge. Just with a bit more of an attitude.

I totally melted today when I caught her playing hide and seek with her brother, the baby who at 7 months old is not able to hide or to seek. He was eating avocado in his high chair, she’d cover her eyes and count to three before magically ‘finding’ bubby, in the exact same place as where she left him. An amazing game that entertained her for about fifteen minutes.



Even with the vomit in my lap, this kid makes life so much sweeter. Look at that face.

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  1. She is definitely a proper little cutie, bless her! Sorry to hear she’s been poorly and I hope she’s better soon. X

    Posted 12.14.12 Reply
  2. Toffeeapple wrote:

    She has always been gorgeous hasn’t she? I hope she gets well very soon.

    Posted 12.14.12 Reply
  3. Elise wrote:

    She is soo cute, and she has the most beautiful kiddy eyes ever!

    Posted 12.14.12 Reply
  4. Dot wrote:

    She is so cute, hope she feels better soon!

    Posted 12.14.12 Reply
  5. Richmond Mummy wrote:

    Special little girl, here’s hoping for a healthier week x

    Posted 12.14.12 Reply
  6. Your children are stunning. Love your blog. Just had a little look round it and will be back :)

    Posted 12.14.12 Reply
  7. I am in love with Elfie’s top! *wonders if I can wedge myself in one*

    Posted 12.15.12 Reply
  8. Insanely cute. #thatisall

    Posted 12.15.12 Reply
  9. Suzanne wrote:

    What an adorable little Elfie….can totally see why she melts your heart. Just gorgeous (not so keen on vomit in lap myself though!)

    Posted 12.15.12 Reply
  10. josie wrote:

    Her version of hide and seek is exceptional. Girl’s got skills.

    Posted 12.16.12 Reply
  11. Jackie wrote:

    I love seeing pics of her! She’s so adorable and sounds hilarious (my favorite combo!)

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply