A Beautiful Birthday Card

For Elfie’s first birthday I wanted to give her something special that she could keep and treasure forever. I failed on the present front (we gave her books and a decorated nursery) so I bought her a hand-drawn birthday card that would be framed and hung in her room.

I first saw E Custom Cards by Erin Human on Dooce, and I knew straight away that she would draw the perfect image.

I asked for cartoon Elfie to be accompanied by elephants (she has so many elephant toys…) and two dummies as she loves to sleep with one in each hand. I loved the result.

Elfie was also given a birthday card by my brother and his girlfriend which I will also be keeping forever because of the awesome poem he wrote:

Happy first birthday Elfie Pooh,
Before we even know it you will soon be two,
By then you will be walking and we won’t know what to do,
But for now just sit still so we can look at you.

By Josh J-T, aged 24 and a half

(I’m not using his full name for fear of future employers Googling his name)

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