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8 Creative Ideas To Decorate A Large Wall In Your Living Room

8 Creative Ideas To Decorate A Large Wall In Your Living Room

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 Filling a large blank wall with a personality can seem like a challenging task. Yet, a big wall is a clean canvas on which you can express your entire creativity to match your attitude, temperament, or the theme of your home. Whether you are an art collector, a book lover, a passionate traveler, or an adrenaline seeker, any wall can be customized so that you are always surrounded by the things you love and admire. For example, some people simply love the Balinese culture, and they opt to decorate their rooms with unique Skull Bliss art and other boho-chic decor pieces. The choices are countless – you can make this space a focal point of the living room, or decorate it so that it blends in with the rest of the aesthetics. It is totally up to your imagination. 

And, as you brainstorm ways to make the most out of this area, here are some of our best ideas to get you started. 

Showcase Fabrics

A variety of fabrics can make a beautiful work of art on a wall. You can hang rugs, vintage quilts, or antique blankets. However, hanging cool tapestries is our favorite since they can bring unique character and texture to your space. Moreover, tapestries add warmth and softness not just to the blank wall, but the entire living room. Aim to achieve cohesion with the rest of the design in the room. Choose a tapestry with colors that work well with your existing decor or use the tapestry as a focal piece and then pull the other colors from that. How to hang one? The simplest way to do is to hang a curtain rod from the wall, then utilize clip-style rings to secure the textile. 

Hang Clusters of Colorful Plates

Another idea to go beyond the obvious when decorating a large living room wall is to hang decorative ceramic plates. You can choose to collect and hang decorative plates in various sizes, colors, themes, and even play around with different arrangements. You can get extra creative and even display your fine china. How to hang them? Simple, use wire plate hangers. 

Shelve Your Art

If you quickly get bored with your surroundings, or the idea of hanging multiple pieces makes you nervous, floating shelves can be a great alternative. You can get a long floating shelf and arrange your art in one large gallery line or add multiple shelves and diffuse it. You can switch and turn the art and objects as you please. Also, floating shelves are excellent since you do not have to put lots of holes in the wall. If you are too short on art, you can use photographs, arrange them by theme or color (they should look great together), and are large enough to take up the whole living room wall.

Hang A Mirror or More

Mirrors reflect light, thus making the living room feel brighter and bigger. Choose to hang a leaning mirror, one oversized mirror, or arrange several smaller pieces in salon-style. Leaning mirrors are ideal for ample space because they can add some depth to the room. You can also go for custom framed, which will add elegance and style to the place. 

Paint a Mural

If you feel like you are up for a bit of drama, then adding a large mural to your empty living room wall might be your best idea. Murals tend to add glamor to an enormous wall, especially when there are ultrahigh ceilings involved. A mural can genuinely showcase a house or apartment if it is done right, with an appropriate piece of art that matches the look and feel of the particular place. Even if you are a renter, you can still capture this dramatic appearance by adding a temporary mural. These adhesive-backed murals, which are much like removable wallpaper, can be installed easily. Hand-painted, or printed, a mural will definitely give an exciting look to your place. 

Incorporate an Accent Wall

Another appealing idea is decorating the walls themselves. Try using a bright and bold paint color to create an accent wall in your living room. Or bring in pattern with wallpaper, stenciling, or other decorative paint techniques. These decorative accents can have an even more significant impact in a small space.

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Curate a Gallery Wall

Regardless of whether you are partial to black and white photographs or colorful paintings, gallery walls are here to stay. You can choose to create a grid of family photos or a floor-to-ceiling arrangement of small pieces collected over time. One thing is sure, showcasing artwork never fails to add visual interest and personality to a living room (and the entire home). 

Or Go For a Large-Scale Art

The popularity of the idea of one large-scale piece of art to fill a large living room wall is on the rise. An oversized painting or photograph can command attention and set the tone in a small space. If you want to achieve minimalism in your room, try a black-and-white photo. If you’re going to add color, choose a vibrant abstract piece. The problem with large-scale art is that a good one typically comes with a large-scale price tag. 

Final Thoughts

Decorating one large wall can have a considerable impact on the room. For this reason, leave at least one wall in every room art-free, particularly in smaller spaces. If you can leave two is even better. The aim is simple- clear walls provide a resting place for your eye and prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed by the space. 


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