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7 Reasons Summer Is My Favourite Season
The Pig on the Beach

Summer has begun! The long days filled with sunshine, time out with the kids, heading off on holidays, a new summer wardrobe, spending time with friends and family… there are so many things to look forward to this summer.

It’s difficult to know where to start, or to know if we’ll have enough time to do it all.

Whether you intend to spend every day down at the beach, or sat at home with all the doors open – check out Pirnar for the latest door styles – and catching some rays in your back yard, there are so many things to look forward to and here I’ve gathered up 7 reasons why Summer is my all-time favourite season.

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The long nights

You might worry you’re going to miss out on the glorious summer months once again, all because of your 9-5, but thanks to longer days and lighter evenings, even when we finish a late shift, it still feels like we have plenty of time to meet with friends, relax in a beer garden or even light up that BBQ – and speaking of BBQs…


Is there anything that says summer quite like the smell of a BBQ? Whether you’re walking down the street and get a nose full of burning charcoal or your neighbours are teasing you with their own feast, one thing is certain: once you’ve smelt a BBQ, you just have to have one! And they’re the perfect way to get all your family and friends together.

Ice cream

There’s nothing better than a tub of ice cream at home…but there’s something about summer that makes ice cream taste even better. And with all those flavours, cone types and toppings to get through – you’ll have enough combinations to see you through the whole season.

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Eating alfresco

It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, at school or college, or even out with the kids for the day. Summer means eating alfresco and enjoying your lunch outside! From a picnic bench to a spot in the sand on the beach, make sure you pack all your picnic favourites!

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Festivals galore

Whether you’re hoping to see the latest big name acts at national events, or something a little more intimate and family friendly, the festival season is another reason to get excited about the summertime. From festivals based around family activities, to vegan festivals, music fests and even outdoor cinema events. Don’t forget your wellies!

The weather

Of course, the weather is a huge factor in my love for summer. When you don’t have to worry about rain, or poor weather affecting your plans, you feel like you have so much freedom. And, spending time in the sunshine is good for our mental health as it lifts our mood and makes us feel good.

Nature is everywhere

Summer is a time for colour, beautiful blooms, trees filled with birds, blue skies, butterflies and so much more! Whether you head out on a nature walk or stay at home, it’s always interesting to see who comes to visit your garden.

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