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7 home improvement Christmas gift ideas

7 home improvement Christmas gift ideas

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What do you get for the people that seem to have it all, or who can’t name a specific present that they’d like? Something useful that will improve their home, of course! Nobody can say no to a spot of home improvement and if it’s gifted, it’s even better.

Here are a few easy gift ideas that everybody will love:

Style and surface space

A sweet little coffee table is perfect for dividing the living room and it creates somewhere handy for all those easy-to-lose essentials. Something on-trend, like the round coffee tables by would be ideal, and Elle Decor has some top tips for decorating them to be even more chic. There’s more to be considered than where to put the remote control!

Upgrade the tech

If your gift recipient is still using a set-top box or a DVD player, it might be time to treat them to something a little sleeker. A smart TV will not only take up less space than all their outdated tech, but it will also make any room look and feel more contemporary and cool. Add a wall bracket for extra interior design points and, potentially, someone to fit it if the household DIY skills are somewhat lacking.

Clear out the clutter

Hallways are notorious for getting filled with all manner of clutter, including shoes and coats. A fantastic gift idea would be to buy something to eradicate the issue. Either a chic Nordic-inspired hanging rail or a bench seat with hidden storage will look good, while offering an easy way to keep the floor clear and guests’ first impressions positive. The hanging rail, if you want to be really on-trend, should be made from bamboo or a similar eco-friendly wood, while the bench seat can be a little more ‘out there’.

The right tools for the job

If you’re buying for someone who is invested in a number of home improvement projects and they don’t need any large items bought for them yet, why not get practical and buy them some tools that will be useful? Seriously, there isn’t a homeowner in the country that couldn’t make amazing use of a Dremel tool somewhere in the house! It’s these types of gifts that can feel a little lacking in festive cheer but ultimately, become a go-to household item that is forever appreciated.

Embrace textiles

Buying textiles for someone else’s home feels incredibly intimate, don’t you agree? But, that’s what makes it such a special and personal gift for someone you know well. We’ve all got that one friend who wishes they had a different sofa or is always found under a blanket reading, so why not get them something that perks up their chair while providing comfort?

Beef up the security

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Anyone concerned about their safety and the security of their home would be grateful for a security system and now that so many are smart systems, they are easy to install, non-invasive and can be monitored from a phone. Security tech is so clever and such an upgrade for every home.

Add some art

Buying art for other people can be tough, which is why it’s always charming to take a poster or official print from an exhibit you went to together, professionally framed. It’s something stunning for the wall that will instantly change the look and feel of any room, as well as a subtle nod to your shared history – it’s a home improvement gift with a sentimental twist.


Home improvement gifts rely on you knowing the recipient extremely well. If in doubt, choose timeless pieces or additions that can be easily exchanged for something else!


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