6 Ways To Bring Light To Your Home

Light in your home is a marvellous thing. If you’re a summer worshipper like me, the long dark winters can leave you feeling lethargic and miserable; learning how to fight this darkness can improve your mood and your health no end.

Which is why, when I moved house recently, I dedicated myself to making our home as light and airy as possible. And it’s really made a difference! I sleep better, wake easier and am generally jollier to be around (apologies to all those who endured me at my worst in the dark houses I’ve lived in ;)

Here are a few ways you can join me and make your house a light, lovely place to be:

Bring Light To Your Home

Paint it ALL white
I am such a fan of the ol’ white paint trick. It’s absolutely incredible how painting your walls this colour will encourage the light to bounce through your home, therefore elevating your mood no end. Trust me, I once lived in a home with a deep red living room and I always felt like I was watching TV in a womb.

monochrome kids room

Add more windows
Duh – if you’ve got a dark home then adding more windows into the mix is one surefire way to lighten it up. Kitchens and living rooms are obvious places to add windows or expand ones that are currently there, and stairwells and landings are great places to consider, too: they’re frequently dark and windowless spots! I’ve worked with my local Win-Dor in the past – they’re the largest showroom in Milton Keynes for light-loving windows – and they’re well worth a visit.

Safavieh Rug

Change your doors for glass versions
Do you have a heavy wooden front door? This can leave your hallway feeling dark and oppressive: how about a glass version instead? If privacy concerns you there are many options that will allow you to maintain this while allowing light in. Etched or reeded glass (I have the number of the house etched on mine) are good products to consider.

safavieh rug

This goes for interior doors, too!
Have you considered replacing or even removing your interior doors to let more light in? Glass doors between rooms let light flood throughout the house, as does removing them all together. I have sliding doors between my dining hall and living space but leave these open at all times to enjoy the light that comes in through the patio doors.

hotel bathroom at home

Hang a large mirror
Mirrors are second only to windows when encouraging light to flood a home. Like little reflecting magicians they will bounce the light around in every room they’re hung; I have at least one in every room of my home (three in the light-starved bathroom!).

I love lamp

Use as many lamps as possible
In the winter, when the darkness comes at what feels like lunchtime, I love to use lamps to create warm spaces. Where light simply isn’t possible (because there isn’t any – sob!), these lamps placed in every possible corner make me feel cosy and ready to hunker down with a blanket and a book. I have them all over – the kitchen, the dining space, on my work desk… I really do love lamp.

How do you bring light to your home?

Thank-you Win-Dor for working with MTT.


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  1. Wow what a gorgeous home you have, love your style and tips about light, I’m a big fan ofScandi style lightswhich are really popular at the moment too x

    Posted 4.4.17 Reply