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6 Small Bathroom Decoration Ideas You Probably Haven’t Considered

6 Small Bathroom Decoration Ideas You Probably Haven’t Considered

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Many homes have small bathrooms. Older houses often have one large family bathroom and a tiny toilet room that you can’t do much with, and even in newer homes, the bathroom is often squashed in wherever it will fit, without much thought. Some houses don’t even have a large family bathroom, instead, boasting one small bathroom that barely has room for the essentials.

If you find yourself with one of these tiny bathrooms, you could be forgiven for thinking that your dreams of a luxurious home spa were never going to be more than a pipedream. But you’d be wrong. You might have to think a little more creatively, and any dreams of massive stand-alone tubs might have to be left behind for the time being, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a trendy space that offers everything that you need. Here are some ideas that you might not have considered.

Don’t Waste Space

When we’re working with small spaces, every square foot is crucial. You can’t just buy furniture without thinking, and you often have to sacrifice the things that you want.

In the bathroom, we often waste space by installing things that only do one thing, instead of finding multi-functional items and pieces. Perhaps the best example of making your space work like this is adding a shower over the bathtub, instead of having two separate entities.

Think about your bathrooms and areas you could make more of. Forget giant retro radiators, and instead, look at vertical heaters and towel rails from Designer Radiators Direct. Adding towel rings or bars from is a fantastic way to do more with your space. DRD also sells designer radiators and underfloor heating, for a truly luxurious bathroom.

A sink with a shelf underneath or mounted into a counter for extra storage is another great idea. You could even extend the counter over your toilet, for more clever storage. Other options include adding hooks to walls and doors, hanging your laundry basket instead of using floor space, and using shower caddies to keep everything tidy.

Utilise Your Corners

If your room is very thin, a large sink sticking out in the middle can take up space and ruin any flow. Instead, fit a corner sink, or even a long, thin, trough to save space.

Make the Most of Height

You might have limited floor space, but the floor certainly isn’t your only option. Fit shelves around the top of your walls to store towels and cleaning supplies that you don’t need day to day. Then, add rails and hooks underneath for extra options.

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Avoid Sharp Corners

In a small space, there can be a lot of banging into things, and the heavy porcelain corners of a sink can do plenty of damage to your hips. Avoid sharp edges and choose rounded furniture instead.

Wall Mounting Ideas

Shelves aren’t the only things that can be wall-mounted nowadays. Floating sinks, vanity units, and toilets give you space underneath, and even wall mounted taps can open up extra space around the sink and help you to avoid too much clutter, which can make a small room feel even more closed in.

A small bathroom isn’t the end of the world. You just may need to be a little more creative with placement and product choices. Keep it bright, avoid dense patterns, and make sure you keep it tidy, and you are bound to have more options than you think.

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