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6 practical running accessories

6 practical running accessories

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Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a long-time hobby, running is a very beneficial activity to pick up. Not only does it improve your cardiovascular fitness, it helps build strong bones, strengthen muscles and burn calories. Upgrade your fitness game by investing in these practical running accessories, all of which will have you looking and feeling the part while offering a wealth of benefits.

Running glasses

Designed to keep the sun out of your eyes and prevent damage caused by harmful UV rays, running glasses are a must regardless of the season. Not only that, but they prevent glare from hurting your eyes when running and prevent debris from getting in your eye. You can pick running glasses up both with and without prescription lenses from online retailers such as Spex4Less, making it easy to find the perfect pair for you.


Ensure you’re improving week on week by tracking your run with a smartwatch. Not only does it track your pace and route using GPS, but you’ll see how many calories you’ve burnt and your heart rate. They aren’t just a cool looking piece of tech; smartwatches are highly beneficial, taking out all of the guesswork if you’re running faster or for a longer period of time and keeping up with a consistent pace. By regularly keeping track of these details, you can see how you improve over time. Not only is this incredibly rewarding, but it can give you an idea as to what factors are holding you back or helping you improve.

Running belt

Activewear typically comes without pockets big enough to carry everything you need, and you certainly don’t want to hold anything in your hands. This is where a stylish but practical running belt comes in handy. With slots made for the likes of your phone, a small water bottle, emergency cash and keys, you won’t have to leave any of your essentials behind.

Lightweight gloves

Particularly important on those frosty mornings, running gloves are designed with both comfort and practicality in mind. Unlike standard winter gloves, those designed specifically for fitness are sweat wicking, fast to dry and keep your hands at a steady temperature rather than getting too hot as you pick up the pace.

Reflective headband or arm bands

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Keep your hair out of your face while keeping sweat at bay with the help of a reflective headband. Opting for one with a reflective pattern helps you stay safe if you’re running in the dark, ensuring you can be seen – particularly important when running near traffic. If you aren’t the handband type, swap it for some stylish arm or ankle bands.

Foam rollers

While this accessory is for use after you’ve had your run rather than during, it’s one of the most important ones on this list. Foam rolling helps relieve delayed onset muscle soreness – more commonly known as DOMs – as well as promoting a faster recovery. You’ll notice a big difference in the amount of tension you hold in your muscles when you foam roll regularly, resulting in a supple, healthy body.

Every cardio fan needs these accessories in their life, making your fitness journey significantly easier regardless of how often you run.

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