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5 Ways Tech Can Supercharge Your Sales
Modern technologies

Having the right salespeople on your team can allow you to close deals and make serious turnover off the strength of their ability. In this modern age, however, talent alone isn’t enough to cut it, even for the most experienced sales team.

Any business worth their salt will equip salespeople with the right technology, enabling them to increase their performance and make sure they can close as many deals as possible. Using the correct tools, enable salespeople can reach their potential and track performance accurately. Read on to find out the most useful technologies you can use to streamline your sales process.


Despite having been around for so long, email is invaluable in retaining customers, as well as gaining new ones. Your sales team should be making use of email marketing, and all modern email marketing suites can track performance and provide useful metrics such as click through and open rates. Some of the best include Mailchimp and Aweber.

Using Social Media

Many salespeople aren’t privy to the uses of social media for the purposes of selling. The fact of the matter is, those that are using social media are able to sell more than their peers. There are various tools for using social media for sales. Their particular uses vary – some tools are made for keeping an eye on conversations about the type of product you sell, most often using hashtags. Different tools may focus on content creation, so you can gain traffic by leveraging valuable content.

Good Communication

Being able to communicate with your potential buyers is paramount to making sales. While social media and using emails are a point of contact with buyers, tools that enable your workforce to interact in a smooth and efficient manner allow you to speed up your sales process. Tools like Slack can connect your sales reps to your product experts, enabling them to reel off information to prospects with little effort.

Watching Your Competition

While focusing on the progression of your own business is a route to success, implementing strategies that let you keep an eye on your rivals is vital to stay a contender. Google Alerts can be used to stay abreast of your competitors and anything that they are selling. As well as looking at their websites, make use of competitive analysis tools, which can allow you to monitor their strategies to develop your own. Tools like Sprout Social can help you to spot common patterns in your opponents’ marketing strategy, while Buzzsumo finds content relevant to your niche that has been performing particularly well.

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Automate Your Processes

Having sales automation can make carrying various tasks much more streamlined. Automation can be used for a wide variety of things – ranging from project management to customer support and even inventory tracking. CRM systems allow you to get to the root of your customers’ problems and address them in detail due to the wealth of data that your proposal.

Tools That Assist Growth

Using technology to its greatest potential can close the gap between the needs of your customers and the solutions your products can offer. And while sales drive the connection of these two together, technology can give those in your sale team an added advantage on the front line.

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