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5 Things To Help You Deal With Stress

Stress is something that many people have to deal with daily. There are things that you can do and things that you can cut out of your life to try and minimise the amount of stress that you feel, but sometimes it isn’t possible. For moments like these, it is good to have some coping mechanisms that will help to relieve your stress and help you to get through the day:


Exercise can help to reduce any mental stress that you are feeling. It helps to release endorphins into your brain, which are brain chemicals that will help to improve how you are feeling. To feel the benefits you don’t need to do extreme exercise like going to the gym every day to weight lift, but things like a walk at lunch, or giving yourself a minute to let loose and dance to your favourite song can make a difference. Just don’t forget to get a great pair of walking sneakers; after all, feeling comfy while walking is incredibly important.

Find some supplements that work for you

Supplements are not for everyone, but if you find something that works for you, it might make a world of difference. Things like green tea can help to lower your stress level because it contains polyphenol antioxidants. It also comes in different flavours so you can find one that you enjoy. Lemon balm has also been shown to have some anti-anxiety effects, and you could buy CBD oil to see if a few drops will help you with your stress and anxiety. Try out some reviewed products on this list from, and see which work best for you.

Chew chewing gum

This may seem like a strange suggestion, but there have been many studies that have shown that chewing gum can help with your stress levels. Not only can it help with your stress, but it has been shown to make you more alert. It could be because it helps with the blood flow to your brain, or if you chew flavoured gum, it can help to stimulate your senses. So next time you feel stressed, it could be a good thing to try.

Talk to someone you trust

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Sometimes when you are stressed, it is a good idea to talk it out with a friend or family member. It will help you to verbalise what is going on, and they may be able to give you a different perspective on the situation. Even if they can’t offer you any advice, they will be able to reassure you and offer you some support so that you know there is always somebody there if you need them. 

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to practice being in the moment and focus on one thing that is in front of you instead of on everything that is going on in your head. It can take a few attempts to get used to the process, but the more you practice mindfulness, the more helpful it will become. There are many different ways to practice mindfulness, so there is no right or wrong way to do it. It could be through yoga, meditation, or even colouring. Once you find something that works for you, stick to it, and you will see a world of difference.


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